Constance Zimmer's apology to her UnREAL co-stars

Constance Zimmer had revealed she spent a lot of her time on new drama UnREAL saying sorry between takes – because her character is so horrible.

The star of Entourage and House Of Cards plays executive producer Quinn King on the new Lifetime show about what goes on off camera on a Bachelor-inspired reality TV show, and she admits her character is a real b***h.

Constance said: “There’s a lot of apologising. I say sorry to a lot of people, a lot. I found myself apologising to a lot of the (actors who play) contestants, because a lot of the stuff I say about them, they won’t know until they see the show. Because a lot of it I’m doing behind the scenes, I’m yelling at the monitors and they’re not really there.

Constance Zimmer and the cast of UnREAL

Constance Zimmer and the cast of UnREAL (Lifetime)

“So a lot of the times when the girls would get voted off the show, I would say to them before they left, ‘Just remember when you watch the show, it’s not me, it’s Quinn’. And Quinn’s a little unfiltered, but please just know it’s not personal.

“So I definitely was apologising a lot.”

But the 44-year-old actress didn’t mind playing such a horrible person, because she was proud to be portraying a powerful woman working in a role high up in the TV industry.

Constance said: “I love any time powerful women are shown on television. I feel like there’s such a lack of them.

“It’s hard because with powerful women, everybody tends to want to make them uber powerful to prove a point. And with Quinn you definitely have that, but you will get to see as the season progresses that she’s just like anybody else, she has a heart, it’s just that she’s learned to not wear it on her sleeve.

UnREAL stars Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer as producers Rachel and Quinn

UnREAL stars Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer as producers Rachel and Quinn (Lifetime)

“We were always taught the man brings home the money, the woman cooks and cleans. It’s funny, because in my household it’s the reverse. My husband does all the cooking, all the cleaning, and he’s incredible and it doesn’t make him any less manly.

“Thank God things are changing, I think it’s going to take a while, but gender roles are changing across the world, and we all just have to remember, that if you’re good at a job, whether yo’re a woman or man, we should be treated equally.”

UnREAL premieres on Lifetime on Tuesday 7 July at 10.00pm.

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