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Is former Coronation Street star Wendi Peters bringing Cilla Battersby-Brown back to the cobbles?

Coronation Street
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Cilla hasn't been seen on the street since 2014.

Former Coronation Street star Wendi Peters has dealt a crushing blow to fans of her iconic character Cilla Battersby-Brown - revealing that she is unlikely to return to the ITV soap any time soon.

Cilla, who hasn't been seen on the street since 2014, was last mentioned on the show in December when her daughter Fiz received a call informing her that her mum is in hospital after a fall and needs her over Christmas.

Of course, the storyline was all so actress Jennie McApline, who plays Fiz, could take a break from the show for her stint in I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! in which she came in fourth place.

Coronation Street

Speaking on Graham Norton's Radio 2 show earlier today, Wendi was quizzed about just how sick her character really is after appearing to be stuck in hospital and needing Fiz's help for what feels like forever.

'She probably knows more than me! I assume Cilla is still in Wolverhampton. I think she broke something over Christmas – it was literally to get Jennie McAlpine out so she could go to the jungle, because Fiz came to visit Cilla in Wolverhampton,' Wendi said.

But while Fiz will be making her return to Corrie in early 2018, Cilla won't be following her back home again any time soon.

'I'm not planning a return, no,' Wendi added. 'It's always lovely that's she still mentioned, really nice. I dip in now and then to see what Fiz and Chesney are up to. Who knows? She may pop back again this year.'

Coronation Street

Speaking of her on-screen son, she said: 'I think Chesney's just been dumped, I think he was getting married or something and has ended up not being married – didn't invite Cilla to the wedding, obviously.'

Fans of the show will know though that Cilla was indeed invited to the wedding, however Chesney was left disappointed when he received a call from Fiz saying that Cilla had taken a turn for the worse and neither of them would be able to make it.

It's probably a good thing though as Chesney ultimately decided to stand his bride-to-be, Sinead up.