Coronation Street fans are shocked by 'below-the-mark' scenes on last night's show

Coronation Street spoilers, Fiz Stape
Fiz and Tyrone are back on! (Image credit: ITV)

It's not often that Coronation Street has pulses racing, with the majority of the show's storylines remaining very above board. 

However, last night's Coronation Street episode had fans taking to Twitter to express their surprise at seeing such racy content on screen before the watershed. 

The scene in question focused on Tyrone and Fiz getting close again after Fiz had ditched Phill Whittaker on their wedding day to get back with her ex.

Fiz and Tyrone spent the night together after Fiz admitted her true feelings, but they were soon interrupted by Phill who wanted to win Fiz back.

Tyrone fled the scene, but when he reappeared later, it was clear the pair were about to finish where they left off. 

When Fiz questioned whether they should get back to it, Tyrone replied, "Of course, we can. I'm only talking about a quickie."

To which Fiz then replied, "Is there any other kind?" as the couple headed upstairs.

It's safe to say that viewers were rather taken aback by the exchange, taking to Twitter in their droves to express their distaste. 

"Nobody wants to hear that Tyrone and Fiz are going to have a quickie!!!" wrote one fan, with throwing-up emojis.

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While another said, "Tyrone and Fiz having a quicky makes me feel more sick than all of Tim and Sally's attempts at a s*** put together."

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A later exchange between Tyrone and Phill in the Rover's Return was also rife with innuendos...

"Did you go to bat for me?" Phill asked Tyrone, meaning that he hoped Tyrone was putting in a good word for him.

"I did do that," Tyrone replied, to which Phill responded, "And you really pounded it home?" He then asked for a, "blow by blow account" of the conversation. 

"Phil playing innuendo bingo with Tyrone?" asked one fan.

While another said, "Omg yes some of the innuendo was toe curlingly hilarious. So was the scenes with Sally and Tim in the jacuzzi tho. My husband said that’s a bit below the mark for Corrie (as in not their usual thing) but luckily kids wouldn’t pick up on it."

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