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Coronation Street fans aren't happy with THIS character after Boxing Day episode

Johnny's taken the rap for Jenny's hit and run - and viewers aren't convinced he's done the right thing...

Last night's Coronation Street saw Johnny Connor take the blame for the hit and run that left Liz McDonald fighting for her life in hospital... but fans aren't happy that he is covering for Jenny.

After weeks of tracking Johnny and Liz's every move, convinced they're still having an affair, things came to a head for Jenny Connor this Christmas as she drunkenly mowed Liz down in her car.

But the truth caught up with her last night as the police arrived, asking questions about what she was doing on the evening of Christmas Day - and how her car got a Liz-shaped dent in the front.

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As Jenny got a grilling from the authorities, it looked like she was about to crack under the pressure and confess everything - only for husband Johnny to step in at the vital moment and tell the police he was the one driving the car instead of Jenny.

But while officers carted Johnny off to the station for further questioning, fans weren't happy that he was taking the blame for something Jenny had done in her drunken state...

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But while fans seemed convinced that the reason Johnny was covering for his wife is down to his guilty conscience after his fling with Liz earlier this year, actor Richard Hawley, who plays the Rovers landlord revealed his thoughts on the drama.

The actor told us that Johnny believes he does't have any other choice other than to cover for Jenny:

"He's trying to be the hero, I think! He's got to, that's how he feels, because she doesn't stand a chance because there's a lot of drink issues going on.

"I just think he's honourable actually and I'd probably do the same thing. He's protective of Jenny."

Coronation Street spoilers: Jenny Bradley thinks Johnny’s up to his old tricks!

Johnny and Jenny have been on the rocks for months in Coronation Street, but will Johnny's attempts to cover for his wife land him in jail?

But Johnny's protectiveness of Jenny could end up coming him his livelihood...

"It absolutely puts the pub at risk. There’s a lot going on here we could both be taken out of the frame. I’ve got some good strong Connor women who could run that pub though."

Richard also confessed he doesn't think his character would last long locked up and could consider suicide if he went to jail: "Johnny wouldn't cope well in prison, not from what he says. He’s not designed for prison.

"It would be really difficult. You’d sit there with all that stuff in your head. He says he couldn't cope and says he ‘would do what happened to Aidan’."

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