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Coronation Street fans heartbroken after THIS forgotten storyline is revisited

Coronation Street
(Image credit: ITV)

Jenny's tragic past was revisited in tonight's Coronation Street...

When you see Coronation Street favourite Jenny Connor behind the bar at The Rovers, it is easy to forget she is carrying a deep pain with her after losing her son, Tom, back in 2013.

While she might be happily married to husband Johnny these days, fans know that not a day goes by when Jenny doesn't remember what happened seven years ago.

Jenny Coronation Street

Fans were upset for Jenny as she was reminded of her past (Picture: ITV)

But today's Coronation Street saw Oliver Battersby's mitochondrial disease diagnosis knock Jenny for six as it reminded her of Tom's tragic death.

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Fans of the soap will remember that Jenny's son sadly died shortly before his fifth birthday.

Just two years later, Jenny returned to Coronation Street after 22 years away from the cobbles.

Tonight's Coronation Street saw Jenny struggling to take in Oliver's devastating diagnosis, and it was only when Emma, came to the pub that Jenny opened up about her past.

Jenny Coronation Street

Jenny and Emma had a heart-to-heart (Picture: ITV)

Jenny opens up...

Emma is understandably heartbroken about her half brother and arrived to ask to swap her shifts.

However, Jenny was soon talking about her son, and trying to reassure Emma that Leanne and Steve would find a way to pick up the pieces after Oliver has gone.

Emma Coronation Street

Emma was upset about Oliver's diagnosis (Picture: ITV)

But fans were heartbroken at the nod to Jenny's past, especially as it is a storyline that isn't mentioned often...

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Simon's also struggling

Meanwhile, Simon was also struggling after overhearing Leanne saying once Oliver has gone she will be left with no one.

As Leanne's adopted son, Simon found the words hard to hear, and confided in his dad, Peter.

Leanne was mortified when she realised out what she's said and tried to patch things up with Simon.

Sadly, Simon had already made up his mind and announced he was moving in with Peter for a while.

Leanne Coronation Street

Leanne was upset to realise she had hurt Simon (Picture: ITV)

Meanwhile, Nick is also struggling, and even ended up confiding in nemesis Peter about losing Oliver.

Could the heartache sweeping Coronation Street inadvertently end up bringing some people closer together?

Coronation Street will temporarily air a reduced schedule of three episodes a week. Watch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV.