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Corrie fans shocked after Bethany gets an indecent proposal from Ali

Coronation Street
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Last night's trip to the cobbles saw Ali Neeson try to sleep with Bethany Platt despite the fact she's dating his 'brother' Ryan...

It's no secret that Coronation Street's Ali Neeson isn't in a good place right now. But last night's episodes saw him hit an all-time low when he got drunk and tried it on with Bethany Platt.

Viewers will know that Ali is still suffering with the guilt of helping gangster Ronan to die after he got impaled on a fence post following a high-speed car chase with the Connors.

Coronation Street spoilers: Ronan Truman wreaks his revenge on the Connors

Ali has been struggling ever since he helped Ronan to die

But while Ali might have killed Ronan to protect his family, the local GP can't cope with the fact he's got blood on his hands and has started to struggle.

Last night fans watched in horror as he blagged his way into the medical centre to get his hands on some sleeping tablets after Ryan mentioned that he should get something to help him cope.

But that wasn't all the usually straight-laced doctor got up to.

Coronation Street spoilers: Ali Neeson and Ryan come to blows!

Last night saw Ali try to sleep with Bethany, leaving Ryan fuming

He then got drunk while supposedly working at the Bistro, and started to hit on Bethany as she waited for Ryan to arrive for their date.

The more Ali drank, the clearer it became he was on a mission to rub everyone up the wrong way, and even ended up suggesting to Bethany that they should "go back to her house and work on his bedside manner".

Coronation Street spoilers: Ali Neeson and Ryan come to blows!

The pair fought over how Ali had spoken to Bethany

Bethany was horrified and fans weren't happy with Ali, calling him a "scumbag"...

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By the end of the second episode last night Ryan knew all about how Ali had helped Ronan die, Ali had got himself beaten up by two burley bikers and the whole family had fought about whether Ali should be punished for what he did or not.

But while Michelle is adamant that Ali is already paying for what he did, Ryan was on the brink of going to the police.

Could he be the one to turn against his family and hand his brother over for murder?

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