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Could Coronation Street's Ali Neeson be Weatherfield's next serial killer?

Ali Coronation Street, played by James Burrows
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Coronation Street star James Burrows reveals why he thinks his character Ali Neeson could become Weatherfield's next Pat Phelan...

Coronation Street's resident GP Ali Neeson has already got blood on his hands after killing gangster Ronan Truman last month, but has the character now got a taste for murder? Actor James Burrows certainly thinks so!

Corrie fans watched in horror when usually straight-laced Ali put Ronan out of his misery following a dramatic car chase with his family last month.

Coronation Street spoilers: Ronan Truman wreaks his revenge on the Connors

Ali was left with blood on his hands when he helped gangster Ronan to die...

Knowing that the gangster wouldn't rest until he'd got revenge for his son, Cormac's, untimely death, Ali pulled out the metal fence post that had impaired Ronan and was keeping him alive.

But while Ronan's demise was all in a bid to protect his family, has it given Michelle's son a taste for killing?

Taking to The Sun recently, actor James Burrows, who plays the tormented doctor, justified the fact his character had killed someone...

Will Ali leave?

Ali hasn't been coping well since the crash last month...

"I think he did this for the right reasons, and I'd say that in real life, if one of my friends killed someone because they were protecting their own family, then I'd probably shake their hand."

But while there's no denying Ronan was a shady character, James has admitted that this brush with the dark side could turn his character into the next serial killer on the cobbles...

Coronation Street spoilers: Ali Neeson and Ryan come to blows!

Ryan and Ali come to blows next week

"He's not coping very well at the minute. I don't know what they've got planned for me in the future, but I'd like to say Ali could put the murder to the back of his mind and move forward.

"But who knows with Coronation Street? I might be going back and they'll tell me I'm the new Phelan!"

Could Ali become a match for serial killer Pat Phelan?!

Could Ali become a match for serial killer Pat Phelan?!

James is set to take a break from the soap after his character's killer secret threatens to be exposed. But while the doctor might be making a mysterious exit from the show, don't worry, his departure isn't permanent.

When asked if he is leaving because his character is heading to prison for what he did to Ronan, James is quick to set the record straight... "No, no, definitely not. He's just lying low for a bit, he's just going to chill out for a bit and sort his head out."

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