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Coronation Street fans react to Toyah's shock twist — and they're saying the same thing

Coronation Street Toyah and
Toyah can't escape the truth in Coronation Street. (Image credit: ITV)

This week's Coronation Street has been an emotional rollercoaster for Toyah, who laid her husband Imran to rest, only to be arrested and charged hours later for his murder. 

During the tense Coronation Street scenes, Toyah missed the funeral reception as she was at the police station trying to clear her name, but made the mistake of trying to cover up her tracks regarding the voicemail Imran left her shortly before the accident, telling her, "I’ve ruined everything."

Toyah told the police she never listened to the voicemail, knowing it would serve as a motive if the truth came out. But she doesn't succeed in pulling the wool over DS Swain's eyes, who arrests her for Imran's murder shortly afterwards. 

Toyah and Imran lie unconscious in the car

Imran died after his and Toyah's car crashed.  (Image credit: ITV)

And fans are in agreement with DS Swain too, questioning why she lied about the voicemail.

One wrote on Twitter, "Catching up with #Corrie Did #Toyah really think the police wouldn’t be able to retrieve that voicemail?"

While another said, "Toyah should've said she only got the voicemail after the crash, there's no point lying when you actually deleted it, because the police would find it anyway."

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Other Coronation Street fans were annoyed at the storyline, saying producers had "lost it". 

One fan wrote, "I'm sorry Coronation Street has lost it, making Toyah to be the killer. If she's so obsessed about babies why would they kill the only person who can keep her with that baby? And why make Abi behaviour OK? Drugs during pregnancy and abduction. Lost it."

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Toyah appeared emotional and sincere earlier that day, delivering a heartfelt eulogy at the funeral. She told the crowd, "I wish he was the one standing here and not me."

Some fans are still on Toyah's side, with one writing, "Toyah so brave to give her eulogy for Imran. Wish that someone had given her a hug. Heartbreaking seeing Toyah so upset."

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Wednesday's episode went on to see Toyah arrested for Imran's murder, with the character now facing a potential 12-year stretch in prison. But will she manage to convince the police that she is innocent? 

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