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Coronation Street fans spot something worrying about Johnny Connor's storyline

Coronation Street spoilers: Johnny Connor struggles to cope in prison

Coronation Street's Johnny is struggling in prison and fans have spotted that something doesn't add up...

Coronation Street fans are worried about Johnny Connor's wellbeing as he struggles with his ailing health in prison.

The Weatherfield favourite has found himself serving time at Her Majesty's pleasure for a crime he committed decades ago, and he isn't coping well.

Not only is Johnny not cut out for prison life, but he's also battling MS and his health is only getting worse.

Johnny Connor sees Aidan in Coronation Street

Fans were left heartbroken by Johnny's struggle in prison last night (Picture: ITV)

Viewers have watched poor Johnny failing to take his MS medication in jail, leading to him now having visions of his late son, Aidan.

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Concerns for Johnny 

Last night's heartbreaking scenes saw Johnny convinced he was seeing Aidan, leading to his cellmate bullying him over his behaviour.

Fans found Johnny's storyline heartbreaking and they took to Twitter to voice their concerns that he should be in the medical wing...

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But things are sadly only going to get worse for poor Johnny in the coming weeks.

Next week's episodes will see his follow inmate convinced he's trying to steal his drug dealing business after seeing Johnny with pills.

The tablets are just for Johnny's MS that he has been stashing away, but his fellow inmates don't believe him and he finds himself the subject of a vicious attack.

Coronation Street spoilers: Johnny Connor leaves Jenny heartbroken…

Things are only set to get worse for Johnny as he is beaten up in prison (Picture: ITV)

Poor Johnny takes a beating in prison, only making his situation even more devastating.

Jenny is horrified when she sees her husband's badly beaten face when she comes to visit and begs him to take his medication again.

But with the visions of Aidan giving Johnny comfort in prison, will he agree?

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