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Coronation Street fans STUNNED after makeover leaves this character UNRECOGNISABLE

Coronation Street
(Image credit: ITV)

Fans were stunned to see Coronation Street's Evelyn Plummer looking '20 years younger'

There was shock in store for Coronation Street fans last night after a glamorous makeover left Evelyn Plummer looking very different to her usual dowdy self as she prepared for a date.

After getting back in touch with her old flame Arthur Medwin, Evelyn has been secretly hoping that she might find some romance in her life.

Evelyn and Arthur catch up

Evelyn and Arthur recently reconnected after bumping into each other at the vets (Picture: ITV)

As the pair arranged a date for last night, Evelyn was clearly excited, despite her usual chilly persona towards the whole thing.

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While pretending to the outside world that it was no big deal that she would be spending the evening on a date with Arthur, she took the time to book a booth at the Rovers... something that Jenny pointed out you couldn't actually do.

Evelyn makeover Coronation Street ITV

Claudia managed to insult both Evelyn and Audrey as she offered her makeover services (Picture: ITV)

But Evelyn worked her usual offensive charm and got her way, and when Audrey and Claudia got wind of the fact she had a date, they both offered her a makeover for the occasion.

However, Claudia managed to win the job - offending Audrey at the same time - and Evelyn reluctantly told her to come to her house at 3pm sharp.

As the makeover got underway, Evelyn found herself coiffed and preened to within an inch of her life, and soon she was shocked when she looked in the mirror and found she looked just like Claudia!

Evelyn makeover Coronation Street ITV

Evelyn was shocked when she saw the results of Claudia's makeover (Picture: ITV)

Pointing out that it was too much, Evelyn told Claudia in her usual dismissive tone that she'd made her look like a 'chinchilla in a wind tunnel' and set about taking off some of the make up.

But while Evelyn might not have been too impressed with her new look, fans were loving it...

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But there was a heartbreaking twist to come, because as Evelyn sat in her private booth waiting for Arthur, it started to look like she had been stood up.

Upsettingly for Evelyn, she was the talk of the pub as everyone started to feel sorry for her as it became apparent that Arthur was a no show... but where was he?

Evelyn makeover Coronation Street ITV

Evelyn was all ready for her date, but sadly got stood up by Arthur (Picture: ITV)

Is this the end of Evelyn's romantic dreams already? Or could Arthur have a good excuse for not turning up?

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