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Coronation Street fans THRILLED as THIS favourite couple are FINALLY reunited

Coronation Street fans were thrilled to see Paul Foreman and Billy Mayhew reignite their romance last night...

It's the reunion that Coronation Street fans have been waiting for, and last night we finally saw local vicar Billy Mayhew declare his undying love for Paul Foreman.

After Paul discovered that Billy had given his troublesome mum, Bernie Winter, a job cleaning the church, he raced round to see Billy and confront him about why he would employ someone so untrustworthy.

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But Paul was floored when Billy told him that he gave Bernie a job to help his family, and it's all because he loves him.

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While Coronation Street fans could see that Billy's love for Paul was still bubbling under the surface as he's spent the last few weeks trying to help him come to terms with the sexual abuse he suffered as a child, it seems the news that Billy still loved him came as something of a shock to Paul.

But viewers couldn't get enough of Billy's declaration of love...

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As Billy put his heart on the line fans were thrilled when, by the end of the second episode, Paul admitted to Billy that he loved him too and would do everything he could to make him proud.

The encouragement that he needed to open up to Billy came from an unlikely source... David Platt.

In the Rovers, the pair were chatting, and Paul let slip that he was the one who got Josh Tucker to change his statement and set David free from jail.

Coronation Street spoilers: Paul flirts with Billy Mayhew

Billy and Paul are back together at last, and fans couldn't be happier (Picture: ITV)

David was grateful and in return opened up about his ordeal at the hands of Josh, oblivious to the fact Paul has gone through something similar.

David's words about moving forward and holding those you love close to you seemed to strike a chord with Paul, and he dashed out of the pub to see Billy before David could say much more.

So is this the start of a whole new chapter for Paul and Billy?

Could Billy be the one to give Paul the strength to leave his dark past with Kel behind him and look to a better future?

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