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Gary Windass’s killer crimes are not an 'exit storyline,' says Coronation Street Mikey North

Coronation Street Gary Windass in a poilice car

The Weatherfield builder-turned-loan shark is going nowhere…

Coronation Street star Mikey North has revealed that Gary Windass’s killing spree WON'T lead to his character departing the cobbles.

Back in May, Gary was revealed to have sabotaged the Underworld roof, which inadvertently led to the death of Rana Habeeb. Meanwhile, last month, he saw off Rick Neelan in self defence, when the loan shark lured him to woodland and tried to kill him.

Coronation Street spoilers: Gary Windass is taken in for questioning!

Gary Windass is taken in for questioning next week in Coronation Street

Corrie tradition generally dictates that murderers get their commupance. Serial killer Richard Hillman, for instance, drowned in the Weatherfield canal, while violent villain Pat Phelan was stabbed to death.

Even those who have killed by accident or in self defence tend to meet their maker. Think John Stape, who saw off Charlotte Hoyle and John Fishwick, and then died in a car crash.

Says Mikey: “Iain (Coronation Street producer Iain MacLeod) has always said that he wants to make Gary more in the mould of Mike Baldwin - which is great for me - as opposed to someone who’s a cold-blooded killer.

“He has said that this is by no means an exit storyline for me. Obviously, producers come and go, but Iain has specified that it’s not planned as an exit, and they want to keep Gary as a sort of long-term villain. Not a villain in a Pat Phelan mould; more of an anti-hero. He has also mentioned that he wants Gary to be running half the street."

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The 32 year old, whose character will be seen confessing his part in Rana's death to the late nurse's brother Imran next week, says he believes Gary is just about redeemable - but he has also teased that upcoming events will see Gary at his most calculated yet.

"So far he can just about be redeemed," says Mikey, "but he is getting deeper and deeper into things, as we’re going to see over the next few weeks. He's becoming more calculated and scheming and desperate, I suppose.

"Things are going to take a big turn, so he’s got some big decisions to make in the next six months, and that will probably decide which path he goes down."

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