Coronation Street’s Rita Tanner left fearing for her life as THIS evil villain is set to make dramatic return

Rita in the dock
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Things are about to get even more dramatic over on Coronation Street as terrifying villain Rick Neelan is set to return later this year.

Poor Rita Tanner will come face to face with the evil loan shark after he kidnapped her on her wedding day all the way back in 2012.

Viewers might remember the thug - played by Greg Wood - capturing Rita right before she was due to tie the knot after Tina McIntyre stole his drugs.

Coronation Street

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But after landing himself a hefty prison sentence following the drama, now he's set to return to Weatherfield to wreak his revenge.

A source told Digital Spy: "Viewers will have to stay tuned to find out who he'll be targeting this time, but it's safe to say that it's never good news for the characters when Rick is around.

Greg first appeared as Rick in the soap in November 2009 when Gail's husband Joe took out a £5,000 loan from him as he was struggling with mounting debts.

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When Joe couldn't pay him back, Rick then made his life a misery before increasing the interest on the loan.

Turning his attention to Joe's family, he then threatened Tina which left Gail Platt no choice but to sell her home to pay off the money he owed.

Joe was later found dead during a family holiday to the Lake District, but Rick was cleared of any involvement.

Not done with his reign of terror, Rick returned three years later after Terry Duckworth failed to re-pay him a loan of £20,000, and it fell to son Tommy after he fled the cobbles.

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In an attempt to clear his dad's debts, Tommy took on some VERY dodgy jobs for the bully and even ended up involved in a drug smuggle to Amsterdam.

But after his girlfriend Tina found out about the illegal job, she stole the drugs and Rick furiously kidnapped Rita [Barbara Knox] as blackmail.

Luckily, the police arrived just in time and Rick faced eight years for the charge. We're not sure anybody is going to be happy when he makes a dramatic return...