Coronation Street stars Alan Halsall and Jamie Kenna joke about filming half-naked scenes

Tyrone and Phill fight in the concrete!
Coronation Street love rivals Alan Halsall and Jamie Kenna were told to strip to prepare for their fight scenes in wet concrete. (Image credit: ITV)

Coronation Street actors Alan Halsall and Jamie Kenna, who play love rivals Tyrone Dobbs and Phill Whittaker, reveal that they were asked to ‘strip down to their pants’ for their fight scene in wet concrete.

The pair are set to go head-to-head in wet concrete in Coronation Street on Wednesday, May 25 after Tyrone discovers Phill’s secret that he’s writing a book about Fiz Stape’s (Jennie McAlpine) serial killer ex, John (Graeme Hawley).

Talking to What To Watch and other publications, Alan discussed the moment he was asked to do the scene and whether he enjoyed filming the hilarious fight sequence...

He revealed: “When we got the Zoom meeting to say ‘Do you mind stripping off down to your pants?’ It’s like well we’re actors, it’s what we’re paid to do. I can’t say I was excited and looking forward to it, it was a freezing cold day in Didsbury, to be wet through in a garden somewhere wasn’t a great deal of fun. But what we’ve tried to do in these little moments is to have a lot of fun with it, to really put a smile on the audience’s faces!"

Tyrone Dobbs sees how the othr half live.

Tyrone has been hoping to reconcile with his ex Fiz. (Image credit: ITV)

“There’s a clear difference, as you can tell by all our pictures on social media, you can see Jamie’s huge and I’m really not, so I think it’s just a really nice picture of this 6’4 guy and this 5’7 guy scrapping it out. First time with an inflatable unicorn and sword and this time in wet concrete.

“It’s quite silly and I think people have appreciated that bit of humour in what is actually quite a sad situation of a family break up. It's that classic Corrie comedy in terms of there is that drama there going on with people’s lives and children involved etc but also we can find moments of lightheartedness to have a bit of fun with the scripts.”

Jamie also added: “So we had a Zoom call asking if we were comfortable to be in our pants, hosing each other off. We both said yes. I then went on an all-inclusive holiday where I was situated very close to a San Miguel tap, and Alan Halsall basically moved into his local gym. I’m not going to come out of this well," he joked. 

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