Dancing with the Stars: Tyra Banks steals Shangela's thunder, er, chicken

Shangela and Gleb Savchenko pose in a promo image for Dancing with the Stars season 31
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After over 30 seasons of Dancing with the Stars, fans know that anything is possible on the show — literally anything. Dancing with the Stars season 31 has yielded lots of sparkly treasures in its first season on Disney Plus, from tear jerking performances (we’re looking at you, Selma Blair) to dizzying perfection from a TikToker, but it’s host Tyra Banks stealing Shangela’s crispy chicken that takes the cake. Or the chicken, as it were.

During Monday’s Michael Bublé night, Shangela and her partner Gleb Savchenko danced a tantalizing tango to Bublé’s "Hollywood" that left the judges in awe. They earned a 45/50 for their effort, enough to keep them dancing in next week’s competition. 

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Once the judges dished out their praise for the dance, Shangela dished out something of her own. "Were my legs crispy?" she asked judge Len Goodman, who has repeatedly told her to mind her legs while dancing.

To Shangela’s delight, Goodman confirmed her "legs were flexed," prompting her to pull a bag containing a fried chicken leg from the top of her dress. "My mama said make sure I give you this crispy chicken to make sure that my crispy legs were just as crispy," she said, adding her trademark "Halleloo" to punctuate her statement.

Banks looked on with wide eyes and after asking about the crispy cooked poultry nestled in Shangela’s bodice, Shangela pulled out another piece. "I danced with two pieces of fried chicken," she exclaimed triumphantly.

That’s when things took a turn. Banks took the second piece of chicken and ate it, licking her fingers clean. Shangela took it in stride, telling EW later that "I was impressed. Baby, let me tell you something, if you know how to go in on a piece of fried chicken, you can come to my cookout anytime and Tyra has a golden invitation."

Naturally, fans at home sounded off on the matter.

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Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays at 5 pm ET/PT on Disney Plus.

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