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DANGER heading to Ramsay Street as THIS Neighbours villain strikes again

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Is serial trouble-maker Finn Kelly up to his old tricks in today's Neighbours?

Tonight's Neighbours hints at possible danger for Ramsay Street as a flash of the old Finn Kelly is revealed.

Neighbours fans have recently seen Finn wake from a coma with amnesia, and apparently believes that it is still 2007 and he is a squeaky-clean 19-year-old who hasn't committed any of his horrendous crimes.

While Ramsay Street residents have struggled to believe that Finn is a changed man, doctors and the courts have claimed that his amnesia means he's no longer a threat to the community... but are they right?

Finn Kelly in hospital in Neighbours

Finn woke up from his coma thinking he is 19 again...

With Finn now living with the Kennedys, the rest of Erinsborough is on edge having such a dangerous villain in their midst... and today's Neighbours hints that they could well be right to worry.

As Toadie strives to keep late wife Sonya's memory alive, he sets up The Sonya Rebecchi Foundation in her honour with the aim to keep the local community centre up and running.

But as he puts up posters around Erinsborough today, Finn asks if he can get involved and help fundraise for the cause... only to be shot down by a fuming Toadie, who hasn't forgiven Finn for his crimes against his friends and family.

Neighbours, Finn Kelly

Why does Finn break into the office of the new Sonya Rebecchi Foundation?

Tired of paying for crimes that he can't remember committing, Finn takes matters into his own hands today and heads to the community centre with a mysterious envelope... but what is inside?

As he sneaks into the Sonya Rebecchi Foundation office, there is a flash of the Finn as he looks around to make sure he's not being followed. But what is he up to? Is he about to sabotage all of Toadie's hard work?

Or is Finn sneaking around to do something good? Only time will tell!

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5

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