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DEATH HORROR to hit Coronation Street tonight for THIS legendary character

There's tragedy heading for Roy Cropper as his brother Richard sadly dies...

Coronation Street legend Roy Cropper has only just got to know his long-lost brother, but tonight sees him forced to bid a sad farewell when Richard Lucas passes away.

Coronation Street fans have watched Roy bonding with his brother over recent weeks, having discovered back in November that his mother, Sylvia, had a secret son as the result of an affair.

Roy meets his brother Richard in Coronation Street

Roy was thrilled to meet his long-lost brother, Richard (Picture: ITV)

Roy managed to track Richard down, but was devastated to learn that he was suffering with pulmonary fibrosis and din't have long left to live. However, the pair made up for lost time, getting to know each other and sharing snippets of their pasts.

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The brothers have embraced each other's passions with Roy sharing his enthusiasm for the railway, while Richard introduced Roy to the world of football, and it seemed that recently even Richard's daughter Nina was slowly warming to her new uncle.

Coronation Street spoilers: Roy Cropper makes an enemy of Nina

Nina has slowly warmed to Roy, but that is all set to change following Richard's death (Picture: ITV)

However tragedy is set to strike tonight when Roy promises Nina he will look after Richard while she goes off to college.

But when a crisis at the cafe takes Roy back to the cobbles, Richard is left alone in the flat where he has a fall.

Roy calls to check Richard is okay, however, his brother lies that all is fine, and so when Roy eventually makes it back to the flat, he is horrified to find Richard passed out cold on the floor.

Richard and Roy in Coronation Street

Roy is devastated to find Richard on the floor when he returns to his flat tonight (Picture: ITV)

Roy calls an ambulance, but it is too late and sadly Richard is pronounced dead just as Nina arrives home.

But how will Nina feel in tonight's second episode when she finds out Roy broke his promise to look after his brother and left Richard in the flat to die alone?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.