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Soap fans THRILLED as they spot THIS familiar face in Coronation Street

Roy Cropper's long-lost brother in Coronation Street is played by someone TV fans will have seen before...

Eagle-eyed Coronation Street fans were over the moon last night when they spotted that Roy Cropper's half brother was being played by actor Paul Bown, better known to TV fans as Malcolm Stoneway from ITV sitcom Watching.

The famous actor plays Roy's sibling Richard Lucas, who is a result of an affair that Roy's mother Sylvia had decades ago.

After doing some digging, Roy discovered his mother had disappeared for six months to a women's shelter, where she gave birth and put the baby up for adoption to avoid a family scandal.

Paul Bown and Emma Wray in Watching

Paul Bown starred in iconic ITV sitcom Watching (Picture: Alamy Stock Photo)

In last night's Coronation Street, Roy explained to Carla that he thought his online scrabble opponent could be his long-lost brother after he joined Facebook to track him down.

While Carla was more stunned by the news that Roy was on social media than the revelation that he had a brother, she promised to help her friend track Richard down.

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After Roy discovered Richard's address during his detective work, he headed off with Carla to the address, and were surprised when a young woman called Nina answered the door, and not Richard.

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But while Roy was convinced that perhaps they have got the wrong address, viewers saw Nina go back indoors to her father, who was lying in bed halfway through a game of scrabble.

So Roy's detective work was correct and he has managed to find his brother, and fans were thrilled to see they recognised actor Paul Bown from his days playing mummy's boy Malcolm on Watching...

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Speaking of his new role on Coronation Street, Paul told us: "Playing Richard was particularly attractive because of Roy. They sold it to me because it meant working with David Neilson, who is a legend."

But this definitely isn't the last we have seen of Richard... tomorrow Roy and Carla go back to the address, adamant that they have got the right information for Richard.

This time they are let in by a care worker and Roy is stunned to see his brother for the first time. But his joy turns to concern when it is revealed Richard is seriously ill with pulmonary fibrosis.

Roy meets his brother Richard in Coronation Street

Roy will meet his brother Richard later this week (Picture: ITV)

At first Roy just reveals himself as Richard's online scrabble opponent, but soon he will admit that they have a much greater connection and are in fact brothers. But how will Richard react to the news he has a sibling?

And what will Nina think when she comes face-to-face with her uncle Roy?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.