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DEVASTATION in Ramsay Street as THIS Neighbours favourite goes MISSING


There's shock heading for one Ramsay Street household in today's Neighbours as a phone call turns their world upside down...

There's tragic news heading for the Kennedy house in today's Neighbours as Finn Kelly takes a call to say his brother Shaun Watkins has been caught up in a terrifying accident...

The drama starts after a fight between Bea and Finn took a sinister turn yesterday when Bea accidentally called Finn 'Patrick' the name that she used to call him when he was his evil former self.

Finn, who has since turned over a new leaf and become the perfect respectable citizen since getting amnesia, is heartbroken when his dark past comes flooding back and he makes a hasty exit from the house.

Yesterday's Neighbours saw Finn and Bea have a huge fight (Picture: Channel 5)

Yesterday's Neighbours saw Finn and Bea have a huge fight (Picture: Channel 5)

Both Bea and Finn are left rattled after their argument, but eventually they talk things through and get their relationship back on track.

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However, just when it seems all is right again in their world, everything comes crashing down around them when Finn gets a call to say his brother is missing.

Neighbours, Finn Kelly, Shaun Watkins

Finn finds out today that Shaun is in grave danger (Picture: Channel 5)

Finn has been trying to contact Shaun for days with no success, and it turns out the reason why is because he was caught up in an avalanche while he was hiking in Europe.

Poor Finn is devastated at the thought of his brother missing and, as the emergency services fight to find Shaun, Finn and Bea are left with the job of breaking the news to Elly.

Bea sits her heavily pregnant sister down and tells her what has happened... and Elly is understandably heartbroken.

Neighbours, Elly Conway, Shaun Watkins

Before Shaun left, he and Elly shared a kiss (Picture: Channel 5)

Not only is Shaun the father of her unborn baby, but before he left Erinsborough recently the pair shared a kiss, hinting that a new romance between them was on the cards.

While Bea, Elly and Finn all have hope that Shaun could be found alive, sadly this isn't a situation that is going to end well.

Neighbours, Elly Conway

Elly is devastated when Finn reveals Shaun could be dead (Picture: Channel 5)

Next week the trio discover that the rescue services have called off the search for Shaun and he will be officially considered dead.

How will Elly cope with losing yet another love in her life?

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5