Did All American's Olivia relapse while grieving Billy?

Samantha Logan as Olivia walking down the stairs in All American season 5
Samantha Logan in All American (Image credit: Troy Harvey/The CW)

After the shocking death of Billy Baker (Taye Diggs) and his subsequent funeral, All American fans have been closely monitoring how his family and friends are dealing with the grief of losing him. While Spencer (Daniel Ezra) has tried to power through his emotions by relying on football and Jordan (Michael Evans Behling) has tried to be a pillar of strength for his mom and sister, Olivia (Samantha Logan) has been deeply struggling. 

In the episode titled "Lost One," which aired on February 20, Olivia wound up in her dad's office at Crenshaw High School where she located Billy’s special bottle of alcohol. For longtime viewers, they found themselves concerned her discovery was a sign she would soon relapse and break her sobriety. Judging by the tweets, that was certainly not something the All American audience desired to see.  

Fast forward to the episode "Day Ones" that aired on March 13, and the opening moments are of Olivia in her bedroom, tearfully staring at her dad's bottle. Although she hadn't taken a drink yet, she wants to. Exerting willpower, she wakes up Jordan and Layla (Greta Onieogou) and asks them for help, which they gladly do. 

The next morning, after making a few calls, the infamous Vortex, Olivia's mom and sponsor show up, vowing to prevent her from breaking the sobriety she worked so hard for over the last couple of years. Laura (Monet Mazur) and even Coop (Bre-Z) take turns sitting with Olivia to assist her in working through her desire to drink. When it comes time for Asher (Cody Christian) to monitor Olivia and take her to an AA meeting, he unfortunately gets caught up with Jaymee (Miya Horcher) as they prepare for his upcoming baby. In his absence, Spencer volunteers to take his place. 

As it turns out, Spencer was the catalyst Olivia needed to discover why she felt so compelled to break her sobriety. Before going to her AA meeting, the two stop at a carnival where they play a few games and get on the Ferris wheel. While up at the top of the ride, Olivia closes her eyes and mentions feeling closer to her father than she ever has since his death. 

She then realizes the reason why she's been wanting to drink is she can't deal with the silence and her thoughts. So going forward, Olivia is bringing back her podcast Liv the Truth as a way of therapy for herself and a helping hand for others who can relate. 

So, thankfully, it looks like Olivia was able to stay sober despite the grief that she has been dealing with.

All American fans are thankful Olivia doesn't relapse

It looks like viewers appreciate All American writers for not making Olivia take a drink. They appreciate even more the fact Spencer was able to help her reach her breakthrough. Check out what fans have been saying on Twitter. 

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