All American's Olivia makes a shocking discovery at Billy's memorial celebration

Samantha Logan as Olivia Baker, Michael Evans Behling as Jordan Baker and Monet Mazur as Laura Baker walking in all black to a funeral in All American season 5
Samantha Logan, Michael Evans Behling and Monet Mazur in All American (Image credit: Ser Baffo /The CW)

For many All American season 5 viewers, they still find themselves in a state of mourning after the surprising death of Billy Baker (Taye Diggs). The loss was completely unexpected and will undoubtedly impact the entire canvas of the show. 

In an episode titled "Lost One" that aired on February 20, viewers got to see the beginning stages of the ripple effect of Billy’s passing as his family and friends rallied together to say goodbye. His wife Laura (Monet Mazur) understandably was barely able to hold it together, often snapping at those closest to her. Jordan (Michael Evans Behiling) barely allowed himself time to grieve as he made it his mission to take care of his mom and siste. Then there was Billy’s "adoptive" son, Spencer (Daniel Ezra). As close as Spencer and Billy were, the young football protégé never seemed to settle in his grief and kept running around doing favors for the Baker family. However, judging by the preview of the next episode, Spencer will soon find his feelings bubble up in somewhat of an explosive way. 

Someone else who was very important to Billy that was trying to process his death was his only daughter Olivia (Samantha Logan). She went through waves of tears throughout the episode and even caused fans to join her in crying when she shared with Spencer that she was unable to finish her eulogy because her "dad is a lot of things, but most importantly, he was my everything. How am I supposed to put that into words?"

While the majority of the episode was sad and somber, one moment that did bring a smile to Olivia's face, and in turn the viewers, was when she made a surprising discovery about her brother. While sitting seats away from Jordan and Layla (Greta Onieogou) at Jordan's impromptu homegoing celebration at the Billy Baker Football Field, Olivia spotted her brother and best friend holding hands. Given the expression on her face, when she confronts the couple about their secret romance, she will give her blessing and root them on. 

We have to say, it's about time Olivia found out the two are dating considering how many awkward moments she's caught Jordan and Layla in this season. 

All American fans react to Olivia's discovery

Viewers loved seeing Olivia unearth the truth of the #Jayla romance. Now what they were less excited to see was her pick up the bottle of alcohol in the last few minutes of the episode. Given she's a recovering addict and now grieving, the question becomes is she primed to relapse?  

All American season 5 continues to air on Mondays on The CW. 

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