Dion Dublin is going to be a Homes Under The Hammer presenter

Former Manchester United and Aston Villa striker Dion Dublin is set to take on a new role on daytime television, presenting Homes Under The Hammer.

It might be considered a strange career choice, but really it’s what we all dream about, isn’t it? Dion Dublin is living our dream.

Dion says: “I am thrilled to be joining Martin and Lucy on Homes Under The Hammer. I have a passion for property and look forward to meeting people on the show who share that passion.”

Dion is seen here with the instrument he invented, the Dube (Paul A. Hebert/Invision/PA)

Dion with the instrument he invented, the Dube (Paul A Hebert/Invision/PA)


Now, where did we put the list of strange things Dion’s done? There’s a new addition to sit proudly alongside the Dube.

He played Centre-Back, Centre-Forward and is now presenting Homes Under The Hammer, Dion Dublin is nothing if not versatile

— Jack Colegrove (@JackColegrove) March 25, 2015


Dion Dublin to become a presenter on Homes Under The Hammer. This amuses me greatly. Genuinely puts a smile on my face.

— * (@Hennersthered) March 25, 2015


He was a bit nervous about us finding out, but we’ll all be nice – won’t we...?

OMG…My manager jo@tonguetiedmedia.co.uk isn't making it any easier by texting me the countdown to the announcement pic.twitter.com/67kqqKELlz

— Dion Dublin (@DionDublinsDube) March 25, 2015


Dion Dublin to present Homes Under The Hammer? I interviewed him at Leeds Fest and he insisted on replying in 3rd person: "Dion loves music"

— Jamie Crossan (@crossanjamie) March 25, 2015


People are even planning to book time off work so they don’t miss his first appearance.

Dion Dublin. So happy. Will have to take a holiday day to tune in lol.

— Josh Barrie (@JoshBythesea) March 25, 2015


We’ve high hopes for you, Dion. Finally Homes Under The Hammer can be taken to the next level!

Dion Dublin + Homes Under The Hammer = Lots of time working from home!

— Joe Crilly (@footy_joe) March 25, 2015


My mornings are complete. Dion Dublin & Homes Under The Hammer. It's like the perfect marriage.

— Harry Cornwell (@HarryCornwell) March 25, 2015


Dion Dublin is now a daytime TV presenter. First he invents a new musical instrument and now this. What a guy

— Behling (@behlingdj) March 25, 2015


Dion Dublin has joined Homes under the hammer. What a time to be alive

— Ashley McAndrew-Hack (@ashleytmh) March 25, 2015


Dion Dublin on Homes Under The Hammer….fantastic, honestly think this is a good bit of news. Like the show. Like Dion. No issues for me.

— Robert Bell (@rabbell) March 25, 2015


One man will be more pleased than the rest – Jeremy Clarkson.

This news that Dion Dublin is joining 'Homes Under The Hammer' is going to take a lot of heat out of the Clarkson announcement.

— Richard Osman (@richardosman) March 25, 2015


The news has given people some other creative, and seemingly more likely, ideas.

Hang on…Dion Dublin is the new presenter of Homes Under The Hammer? Would have thought Harry Redknapp hosting Bargain Hunt was more likely

— John Edwards (@FreePressJohn) March 25, 2015


But overall it looks like the nation is set for unprecedented levels of unproductive afternoons.

Dion Dublin joining Homes Under the Hammer is like something Alan Partridge would come up with. I hasten to add, I'm a fan of the idea.

— Jim Hearson (@JimHearson) March 25, 2015


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