'Doctor Who' fans are all in love with this new guest character

Professor Jericho (KEVIN McNALLY), Dan (JOHN BISHOP), Yasmin Khan (MANDIP GILL)
Professor Jericho, Dan and Yaz met an eccentric hermit during their travels in the past... (Image credit: BBC Studios/James Pardon)

Doctor Who: Flux fans were all thrilled seeing Kate Lethbridge-Stewart's return teased at the end of Village of the Angels, but it seems like a brand new character might have just become plenty of viewers' new favorite character!

*spoilers ahead for Doctor Who episode 5, Survivors of the Flux*

After that shocking cliffhanger ending where the Doctor was transformed into a Weeping Angel form, they were teleported to The Division's headquarters. There, they finally got some answers about the organization's true nature, the Flux, and their own missing memories and past.

However, the Doctor's recall to Division HQ meant Yaz, Dan, and Professor Jericho were trapped firmly in 1901; by episode five, they've been stuck in the 20th Century for three full years! However, they've kept themselves busy trying to solve the mystery of the future, becoming globe-trotting adventurers in the process.

In the latest episode, we saw them tracking down a small piece of pottery that contained the date of the end of the world after it was deciphered and heading around the world to get answers about what's to come. It was a character from one of their journeys that has captured plenty of fans' hearts!

One part of their adventure saw the trio traveling up a mountain in Nepal to meet a wise-cracking hermit (played by Kammy Darweish) who supposedly had a few clues for what to do next. The hermit ran circles around them, joking about their lack of gifts or newspapers, and was desperate to know the gossip from their travels!

The hermit's jovial nature was a welcome break from the impending doom that Earth faced, and fans were not shy about sharing how much they appreciated him. Viewers quickly headed over to Twitter to say that they loved him, with some even calling for his return as soon as possible!

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The hermit's only clue was "fetch your dog", which Yaz and Dan recognized meant try to reach out to Karvanista. Although he saw the giant message they wrote out, he doesn't have access to time travel... will they manage to link up across time?

The episode left us with plenty more questions too; will Kate Lethbridge-Stewart manage to put a stop to The Grand Serpent's plans? How will the Doctor fare now that Swarm and Azure have broken into Division HQ? And will Vinder ever manage to catch up with Bel?! We've only got to wait till the weekend to find out...

The final episode of Doctor Who: Flux airs on Sunday, Dec. 5 at 6:20 pm in the UK, and you can catch up with previous episodes right now on BBC iPlayer

The season finale will air on BBC America at 8 pm EST in the US on the same day.

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