'EastEnders' BLUNDER over killer Gray twist explained by fans

EastEnders Gray
Gray knows someone is on to him. (Image credit: BBC)

The heat is on for EastEnders' serial killer Gray, with Tuesday's episode seeing him really beginning to sweat!

Viewers watched Gray's world start to crumble, as mysterious messages from 'Chantelle' started to arrive. What Gray doesn't know is that the messages are being sent by his so-called friend Kheerat – in fact, Gray even began confiding in Kheerat about them at one point!

However, Kheerat wasn't done yet. Stepping up his game, he printed out the messages that Chantelle had posted on an online forum for domestic abuse victims. After highlighting some of the most incriminating passages she posted, Kheerat left them on Gray's doorstep before waiting in the shadows.

EastEnders Kheerat

Kheerat is pulling the strings. (Image credit: BBC)

Gray was left stunned by his special delivery, but fans of the show were delighted to see the penny drop for the murderer that someone knew of his terrible crime....

"Kheerat has Gray rattled big time," one said. "We are HERE for Kheerat's trolling of Gray," said another.

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But some fans thought the show had made a bit of a boo boo.

A major part of the story a few weeks ago was Gray catching out Chelsea's lies as could track her coming in and out of the house via the camera on the doorbell.

So, couldn't Gray just check the footage to see who had delivered the envelope?

EastEnders letter

Gray read Chantelle's damming testimony. (Image credit: BBC)

"Surely Gray will just check his doorbell camera like he has every other time," posted one viewer. "Didn't Grey watch Chelsea sneak out on the Ring doorbell?" questioned another.

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Luckily, however, some eagle-eyed viewers were on hand to offer the solution. Gray had in fact stopped using the doorbell in a previous episode!

"Guys... he removed it weeks ago," corrected one. "He took the doorbell down to prove to Chelsea he could trust her," explained another.

EastEnders tweet

One viewer was quick to correct. (Image credit: Twitter)
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Phew! So EastEnders hasn't totally lost the plot, then. That's always good to know.

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