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EastEnders fans calling for THIS actress to win ALL the awards after last night’s twist

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EastEnders fans have taken to social media to share just how much they were loving Bailey Baker in last night's trip to Walford...

Ever since she arrived on our screens back in January, Bailey Baker has won the hearts of the nation with her cheeky chat combined with her loyalty and love that she shows her terminally-ill mum in EastEnders.

And as the weeks have gone on and Bailey has singlehandedly cared for mum Dinah as she battles multiple sclerosis, EastEnders fans have been totally bowled over by actress Kara-Leah Fernandes, who plays the nine-year-old school girl.

Last night's trip to Walford saw EastEnders fans taking to social media once again to praise the actress for her performance, this time as little Bailey welcomed her mum into their new home on Albert Square.

EastEnders Keegan Baker and Bailey Baker

Bailey has been caring for her mum for months (Credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Bailey has been dreading Dinah having to go into a care home for months, having got used to juggling being her mum's primary carer as well as going to school.

But as Dinah's health has deteriorated, it was decided that Dinah should start getting 24-hour professional care, leaving Bailey heartbroken.

However a recently-returned Ted Murray saved the day when he offered Bailey and Dinah his flat in a surprise twist to the storyline.

The flat also just happens to be below the Taylors' place, meaning they're just upstairs if Bailey needs help with her mum.

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Bailey was thrilled at the idea of moving to Albert Square and couldn't have been happier as they moved Dinah's belongings into their new home.

But when Keegan arrived with the removal van, Mitch was surprised to find Dinah wasn't with him.

Keegan confessed that Dinah had collapsed and been taken to hospital, but the family kept the truth from Bailey, telling the school girl that her mum just had a hospital appointment that she'd forgotten about.

Thankfully Bailey bought the lie and by the time Dinah arrived, everyone had finished unpacking the vans.

EastEnders Bailey Baker and Dinah

Bailey and Dinah move to Albert Square (Credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

But Dinah was clearly not in a good way and struggled to hide how she was really feeling from her daughter.

As Dinah thanked everyone for their help, fans were full of praise for the storyline and couldn't help but be happy to see Bailey with a much-deserved smile on her face for once.

In fact fans were so impressed with her that they're convinced that actress Kara-Leah needs to start winning awards for her portrayal of Bailey...

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It has been revealed that next week will see this storyline take a devastatingly tragic turn when Dinah decides to end her suffering by taking her own life.

But while there might be heartbreaking times ahead, at least it was good to see Bailey smiling just for one day...

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Main picture credit: BBC