EastEnders fans convinced Mick Carter is still alive — here's why!

EastEnders Mick Carter in EastEnders
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EastEnders fans are convinced Mick Carter did not die in the dramatic Christmas Day episode of the show.

They're sure that Mick did not drown in the icy cold waters of the English Channel but will have survived, and will turn up later.

And actor Danny Dyer — who played the Vic's landlord — added to the speculation when he posted a jokey TikTok video from a beach, saying he'd "made it" and another urging fans "don't worry about Mick"!


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Now fans are so convinced that Mick could simply be missing rather than dead, that Harold Bishop was trending on Twitter!

Harold was a legendary character from Neighbours who was thought to have drowned, devastating wife Madge, but who had been rescued and was suffering from amnesia. Harold later reappeared in Ramsay Street as part of a visiting Salvation Army band!

Could this have happened to Mick?

Madge and Harold Neighbours

Harold disappeared, just like Mick Carter!  (Image credit: Five)

The dramatic events of Christmas Day left fans reeling as Mick's new wife Janine was exposed as a liar.

It was revealed Janine had been driving the car when Linda crashed, and had threatened Jada to make her lie to social services.

Mick and Linda were reunited and shared a touching moment at the bottom of the stairs in The Vic. Aww!

But their happiness didn't last, as Janine legged it — taking the photograph of her dad Frank Butcher from the wall, but leaving behind her daughter, Scarlett.

Classic Janine!

Jada stuns Mick and Janine at Christmas dinner

Jada had something to tell everyone at The Vic (Image credit: BBC)

Mick and Linda raced after her and they all ended up at the coast. There was a scuffle and as Linda rushed to Mick's side, Janine jumped back in the car, intending to race off!

Linda jumped in too. But when Janine lost control of the car they plunged into the sea!

Mick bravely leapt in to save them and rescued Janine - and his unborn baby - then went back for Linda.

But his L had already swum to shore, and Mick never reappeared.

In the Boxing Day episode , both women made their way back to Walford with Linda breaking the sad news to Shirley that her son wasn't coming home.

But could he return one day?

Mick, Janine and Linda in a promo for Christmas 2022

Could Mick still be alive after his plunge into the icy water? (Image credit: BBC)

The fans definitely think so! They were quick to share their theories on social media about a potential return for Mick.

And just about everyone thinks the fact that Mick's body hasn't been seen means - according to the 'rules' of soap - that he could return one day.

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And some fans even wrote their own happy endings for the storyline. One creative viewer thinks Mick could have ended up in France. While another wrote a super-romantic reunion for the pair.

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Could Mick be back one day? Stranger things have happened! 

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