‘EastEnders’ fans convinced that Vincent isn’t dead after latest shock twist

Vincent Hubbard EastEnders
Is EastEnders favourite Vincent Hubbard still alive? (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders viewers were left stunned while watching last night’s episode as Phil Mitchell finally revealed that Vincent Hubbard had been killed by Aidan Maguire years ago.

Fans will know that Vincent went missing in April 2018 when he fell into a trap set up by Phil Mitchell, his ex-cellmate and crime boss Aidan Maguire, and corrupt police officer DCI Alsworth (Nik Drake).

Desperate for cash, Vincent told DCI Alsworth information about the heist that happened in Walford earlier that year in exchange for cash. However, Vincent didn’t know that Alsworth was in fact working for Aidan.

Alsworth said that Vincent and his wife Kim Fox (Tameka Empson) and daughter Pearl would need to go into witness protection. As Vincent tried to get Kim to flee Walford with him, she refused and convinced him to stay.

As Vincent told Alsworth that he would no longer be leaving Walford, Alsworth told him to get into the car and they sped off from Walford. Phil watched the car drive off while on the phone to a mystery caller, as he insisted, “Nothing too strong. Just scare him.”

He was last seen with a gun being held to his head by Alsworth and he hasn’t been seen since, leaving fans questioning Vincent’s fate and hoping that he would return one day. 

Kim Fox EastEnders

Kim was shocked to hear Mitch taking a cab booking for a Vince Hubbard. (Image credit: BBC)

But, last night's EastEnders appeared to confirm that Vincent did meet a grisly death after Phil made the shocking revelation to Denise that Vincent had been killed.

In last night’s episode, Kim was shaken up when she heard Mitch (Roger Griffiths) take a taxi booking for a ‘Vince Hubbard.’  

She was determined to find him and to discover if it really was her husband. But after tracking him down to the restaurant, she soon found out that ‘Vince Hubbard’ was actually a children’s entertainer and not her husband.

Kim Fox EastEnders

Kim tracked down Vince, but while it wasn't her husband, he did have Vincent's wallet.  (Image credit: BBC)

After Vince handed her a business card, Kim’s suspicions began to rise as she noticed he had her husband’s wallet, but Vince was adamant that he didn’t know what she was on about and abruptly left.

Kim was more persistent than ever to discover the truth about Vincent, but Phil turned up at the hair salon and announced the grisly news about Vincent’s death to Denise. 

He warned her that Kim needs to be stopped in searching for Vincent, otherwise the criminals would return and that nobody will be safe.

Phil Mitchell EastEnders

Phil had a word of warning for Denise.  (Image credit: BBC)

However, fans on Twitter were unconvinced by Phil’s confession, claiming that they didn’t believe Vincent is dead and could still return to the soap at some point...

Will Vincent return? Can Denise stop Kim searching for Vincent?

EastEnders continues tonight on BBC1 at 7:30pm-  see our TV Guide for full listings.  

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