'EastEnders' spoilers: Has Kim Fox found Vincent?

Kim Fox in EastEnders
Kim Fox is hopeful that she may have tracked down her missing husband. (Image credit: BBC)

Kim Fox thinks she has a lead on her husband's disappearence in Monday's episode of EastEnders (8:05 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Kim Fox is stunned when she overhears Mitch Baker taking a cab booking for a 'Vincent Hubbard'. It's been over three years since her husband disappeared without a trace and the thought that he may have returned sends her into a spin.

When she makes her feelings clear, Phil Mitchell overhears and hides his alarm, telling Kim she should leave things be.

Kim Fox confronts an identity thief in EastEnders

Kim unmasks the man she thinks may be her husband! (Image credit: BBC)

Determined to find Vincent, Kim tracks down the cab booking to Walford East but she's confused when she finds the cab's been booked by a children's entertainer using Vincent's name... Who also seems to have Vincent's wallet!

When Kim confronts him, he hastily packs up his stuff and makes a swift exit. 

Kim tells Mitch and Phil what happened and Phil realises he needs to stop Kim from prying. In a bid to make her stop her search, he talks to her sister Denise Fox, telling her to keep Kim from trying to find answers. 

Vincent was driven away from the Square by a corrupt cop in the pay of gangster Aidan Maguire after Phil tipped off Aidan that he was an informant. Does Phil know the truth of Vincent's fate?

Meanwhile, Scarlett Butcher has been tasked with doing a school project on her hero, and she chooses famous author and disability rights activist Helen Keller, who lost her hearing and her sight when she was a small child. 

Self-obsessed as always, Scarlett's mum Janine Butcher is put out that her daughter didn't decide to do the project on her!

In a bid to win her round, Janine spins her a tale, but Scarlett is unimpressed! Determined not to be beaten, Janine asks Frankie Carter for some help. What is she planning?

Ash Panesar is unwell in EastEnders

Ash Panesar is feeling a bit rough after a big night out! (Image credit: BBC)

Ash Panesar is still struggling at work and she heads off on a night out to drown her sorrows. But it's clear she was partying a bit too hard, when she gets a cab home and throws up all over Harvey Monroe's car! 

He's horrified and Ash feels awful. When she later panics that she's left her hospital pass somewhere, brother Vinny Panesar is disapproving, telling her he needs to sort her life out.

Also, Bobby Beale and Dana Monroe reunite but will they be able to get Dana's dad Harvey's blessing?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday at 7:30 pm.

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