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EastEnders fans in stitches after THIS forgotten storyline RESURFACED last night

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EastEnders fans have been reminded of a long-forgotten storyline...

Last night's EastEnders left fans in stitches as a storyline from years ago was mentioned in a scene between Ben Mitchell and his mum, Kathy Beale.

The blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment came as Ben was getting ready to have his operation on his ears in a bid to correct the hearing loss he suffered during the Thames boat crash back in February.

Ben and Kathy EastEnders BBC

Ben went to the hospital for his operation despite the fact he wasn't well (Picture: BBC)

Despite the fact he was running a temperature after catching a bug from daughter Lexi, Ben was determined to go ahead with his operation after waiting so long to get his hearing back.

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But as he tried to hide the fact he wasn't well from worried Callum and Kathy, the doctor soon cottoned on to the fact he was under the weather and told him they would need to postpone his operation until he was better.

Ben tried to talk the doctor round, pretending he only had a touch of  hay-fever... only for Kathy to point out that her son had never had hay-fever in his life.

Ben and Kathy EastEnders BBC

Ben wasn't happy when Kathy pointed out that he'd never suffered from hay fever... (Picture: BBC)

But Ben wasn't happy with his mum's interference... replying "how you you know? You have been dead most of it!"

The hilarious comment came when fans were least expecting it, and they were loving the mention of the long-forgotten storyline that saw Kathy fake her own death...

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Fans of EastEnders will remember that Kathy was thought to be dead after news that she had died in a car crash in South Africa reached her son Ian Beale.

But in 2015 she made a shock return to Walford where she was forced to admit that she had faked her own death.

But with Kathy having been a permanent face on the Square for the last five years, it is easy to forget that she was absent for so long.

Ben and Kathy EastEnders BBC

The doctors postponed Ben's operation, and he wasn't happy... (Picture: BBC)

By the end of last night's episode Ben had been forced to go home and wait for the date of his rescheduled appointment... but that wasn't the end of the drama.

Kathy could tell that there was something going on between Ben and Phil, with both of them secretly annoyed that he will now not have his hearing for the dodgy job they have got planned together.

But how long will it take Kathy to work out exactly what Ben and Phil are cooking up between them?

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