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EastEnders fans FREAKED out by Leo King’s market stall name - did you spot the hidden meaning?

Leo King is confronted by Martin Fowler and Kush Kazemi in EastEnders

'OMG! The poster is an anagram of Whitney Dean!'

EastEnders viewers are freaked out after spotting something rather twisted about Leo King’s new market stall poster - yikes it’s an anagram of Whitney Dean!

Sinister Leo (Tom Wells) has been busy stalking Whitney (Shona McGary) ever since she discovered his true identity as Tony King’s son.

Leo opens up to Whitney in EastEnders tonight

Leo is stepping up his stalking of Whitney

Leo, who isn’t going to let the matter of his dad abusing Whitney when she was younger get in the way of them being ‘together’, is becoming dangerously obsessed with her.

The deluded stalker has even gone as far as getting himself a pitch at Bridge Street market so he can be opposite poor Whitney all day.

And now many fans have clocked that his new market stall poster - NITE AND WHEY - can be rearranged to spell out Whitney Dean!

One fan even compared it to working out the Countdown conundrum! “I can’t get over Leo’s stall name being an anagram of Whitney Dean. So subtle, yet creepy,” tweeted one viewer.

“What a creep Leo is, “ wrote another. “OMG! The poster is an anagram of Whitney Dean! Respect to whoever came up with that one!,” tweeted one fan.

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Meanwhile, in a further twist in EastEnders next week it’s been revealed Dotty Cotton is set to take a shine to Leo. In his latest creepy move, Leo then invites Dotty to start working on his stall in a bid to make Whitney jealous.

Kat is furious with Leo in EastEnders

Kat isn't a Leo fan and is seen fuming at him next week in EastEnders (Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Leo’s true colours are revealed when Dotty mentions his dad, however, Leo manages to worm his way back in with Dotty by apologising. And she then agrees to go on a drink with him despite the warning signals...

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.