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EastEnders fans hail THIS moment from last night the ‘best thing that’s happened all year’

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Last night's Eastenders saw Ian Beale getting punched by Keegan Baker, and fans loved it!

EastEnders fans finally got the moment they have all been waiting for in last night's trip to Walford when Keegan Baker punched Ian Beale, putting him in his place after being rude about his family.

There's definitely no shortage of Albert Square residents who wouldn't mind bringing Ian down a peg or two... but it was eventually Keegan who taught Ian a lesson after he sabotaged his business.

The pair have been at war since Keegan launched a sandwich business in a bid to make a new empire for himself.

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But instead of Ian taking Keegan under his wing and showing him how it is done, the Walford businessman instead worried about the competition and used Dotty's interference with Keegan's sandwiches to his advantage.

After the Food Standards Agency closed Keegan down, he was left heartbroken and penniless.

But determined to change his ways, Keegan didn't give up and instead went on a mission around the Square trying to find a new job.

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However, when he asked Ian if he had any work going, he was given a barrage of abuse about his family from the restaurant owner... and things got even worse when Keegan realised Ian was profiting from his failed business venture by selling sandwiches at Walford East.

As Ian continued his tirade of rudeness about the Taylors, Keegan saw red and punched Ian square in the face, and fans couldn't get enough...

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But of course you don't get away with hitting someone like Ian without the police getting involved, and with Keegan's past trouble with the police, Jack revealed he could even be facing jail.

Tiffany was adamant that her man wouldn't be going to jail without them getting married first and the suggested they eloped.

EastEnders Tiffany Butcher suggests she and Keegan Baker elope

Last night's EastEnders saw Tiffany asking Keegan to elope (Picture: BBC)

Make sure you tune in for the rest of this week to see if the pair manage to tie the knot...

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.