‘EastEnders’ fans "hurt" as Ben makes a terrible confession to Callum

EastEnders Ben
Ben faces the future. (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders scenes where Ben voiced his fears in the wake of the recent attack were declared “powerful and important” by fans on Friday.

The moment where Ben revealed he was going to stop being out-and-proud as a gay man seemed to really touch viewers, with many admitting they were affected by the storyline.

EastEnders Ben

Ben isn't coping after the recent attack. (Image credit: BBC)

Ben has been struggling in the wake of the recent homophobic attack, which left his husband Callum injured.

Ben’s former boyfriend Paul was murdered in front of him during an attack back in 2016, so the recent assault has triggered Ben, leaving him fearing for his and Callum’s safety.

EastEnders Phil Kathy Callum

Ben's family lined up to help. (Image credit: BBC)

Realising Ben was struggling, Phil, Kat and Callum stepped into try and help, but Ben wasn’t receptive, and didn’t hold back about what he felt.

“I’m tired of fighting,” Ben confessed. “I’m tired of being scared.”

 But it was his later scenes with Callum that really struck viewers.

Callum EastEnders

Callum couldn't believe what his husband was saying. (Image credit: BBC)

Sitting down with his husband, Ben revealed that he was no longer going to be affectionate in public with him. And when Callum tried to argue, Ben made it clear – it was his way or nothing.

“What’s more important – being proud of being alive?” Ben said as he threw away the rainbow badge that Callum had pinned to his coat.


EastEnders Callum

Ben binned the badge. (Image credit: BBC)

The line ended the episode, and viewers declared the tense scenes were so powerful they actually “hurt”.

“That was a painful but incredible episode,” said one. And others only echoed that…

With Callum obviously disagreeing with Ben’s decision, it seems the future for the troubled couple was uncertain. Can they find a way through Ben’s issues?

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