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EastEnders fans in hysterics after THIS cringe moment happened last night

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EastEnders fans can't get enough of Keanu's non-proposal to Louise...

Last night's EastEnders saw Keanu Taylor bracing himself to tell pregnant girlfriend Louise Mitchell that he's had an affair with her step mum Sharon. But just as he was about to break the news, Louise managed to put two and two together and get five!

From the moment that Louise told Keanu that Sharon was pregnant, Keanu has become convinced that the baby is his after their rekindled night of passion in The Arches.

But despite Sharon denying the baby was his when he confronted her, the mechanic became determined to do the right thing and come clean to Louise.

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As he whisked her out for an impromptu lunch in the park, he struggled to find the right words to tell Louise that Sharon's baby might be his... and in typical Louise fashion she thought his awkward bumbling meant he was about to propose!

Keanu looked stunned as Louise happily accepted his non-proposal, and fans couldn't get enough of cringe moment...

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But the awkwardness didn't end at Keanu popping the question.

When Sharon retuned home after failing to find Keanu and stop him breaking the news, she was confronted by a stern looking Phil, sitting in the lounge with Louise and Keanu.

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Sharon's world came crashing down as she thought Keanu had confessed... but it turned out they were waiting to tell her about the impending wedding instead.

As relief flooded Sharon, Phil announced they were off to the club to celebrate. However, things got even more complicated when Phil then announced he thought Keanu should move in so they could all live like one big, happy family.

EastEnders Keanu Taylor and Louise Mitchell

Sharon thought the cat was out of the bag last night (Picture: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

With Keanu and Sharon squirming in their seats, it was clear that the confession was still on the tip of Keanu's tongue.

But when Keanu told Sharon that he was going to tell Louise everything, she was adamant that if anyone was going to do the deed, it should be her.

At home later that evening, Sharon braced herself to tell Phil that she'd had an affair with his daughter's new fiancé... but will she actually go through with it?

Find out what happens next when EastEnders returns on Thursday 20th June.

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