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EastEnders spoilers: Sharon Mitchell is terrified her baby secret will get out!

Sharon and Phil discuss her pregnancy
(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Sharon Mitchell is desperate to keep her baby news away from Keanu, Denise tries reunite Kush and Martin, and Kathy is worried about Bobby...

Phil Mitchell feels bad that he let slip to the family that wife Sharon Mitchell is pregnant when she specifically asked him to keep it under wraps. He talks to the family and asks that they keep the news to themselves.

Sharon's mate Linda Carter overhears Phil's son Ben Mitchell talking to Lola Pearce about Sharon’s pregnancy and she rushes to congratulate her friend. Stunned when Linda confronts her, Sharon quickly covers, confusing Linda by her strange reaction.

A concerned Linda tells hubby Mick Carter to talk to Phil. As a way in with Phil, Mick invites him for a game of darts but Phil soon realises Mick’s agenda. He is relieved, however, to open up about the shock news.

EastEnders Sharon Mitchell talks to Phil Mitchell

Sharon Mitchell and Phil Mitchell have a heart-to-heart about the baby.

When Sharon finds out that Louise nearly told Keanu she is horrified and makes it clear that Louise needs to keep it quiet. Sharon and Phil have a heart-to-heart about their worries. Meanwhile, Louise tells a stunned Keanu that Sharon is having a baby…

EastEnders Kush Kazemi

Kush has a Tottenham shirt for Arthur

Stacey Fowler is still completely at odds with Kat Moon over Kush Kazemi's decision to go for joint custody of their son Arthur Fowler. When Kush wants to spend his birthday with his son, Stacey and her husband Martin Fowler tell Kush that they already have plans with the kids.

Denise Fox spots the tension between Kush and Martin and encourages the former friends to have a talk. But it only makes things worse when Kush ends up offending Martin. Can they ever sort things out between them?

Bobby Beale is finding it difficult to settle back into normal life in Albert Square. His grandma Kathy Beale is concerned and, realising Bobby needs his dad Ian Beale, she desperately tries to get hold of him. Lola Pearce, meanwhile, is worried about living with a convicted killer.

Nervous about everyone’s reaction to Bobby’s reappearance, Kathy tries to keep Bobby indoors and she asks his uncle Ben Mitchell to keep an eye on him.

Also, Whitney Dean has money from mum Bianca Butcher to splash on a bridesmaid outfit for her foster sister Tiffany. Mick Carter is downhearted when he and wife Linda Carter can’t get an appointment for their son about his autism for months.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday at 7.30 pm