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EastEnders fans in tears as Jean Slater reveals she only has months to live

Jean Slater in EastEnders
(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

EastEnders fans beg bosses not to let Jean die...

EastEnders viewers have been left in tears after Jean Slater admitted that her cancer had returned and this time it is terminal.

The emotional scene was aired last night as Jean tried to persuade Ruby Fowler to drop the charges against Stacey.

Jean and Ruby talk in EastEnders

Ruby was shocked to find Jean had made herself at home in the lounge (Picture: BBC)

Jean has been left heartbroken over the fact there is little she can do to save her daughter going to prison for a crime she didn't commit.

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So last night she 'borrowed' Martin's keys and let herself into Ruby's house where she confronted her about her plans to send Stacey to jail.

Jean and Ruby talk in EastEnders

Jean begged Ruby not to send Stacey to jail (Picture: BBC)

But EastEnders fans couldn't cope when Jean admitted that she might not be alive when her daughter gets out of prison.

She confessed to her cancer returning, something that she hasn't even told her family.

But while a shocked Ruby asked why she wasn't have treatment and trying to fight the cancer for a second time, Jean was adamant that she wasn't going to take on a fight that she couldn't win.

Ruby shocked in EastEnders

Ruby sat stunned as Jean revealed she might not live until Christmas (Picture: BBC)

As Jean told Ruby that she wanted her daughter by her side when she passed away, fans were left in tears...

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Is all as it seems?

Could there be more to this storyline than meets the eye?

Some fans are convinced that Jean is lying about her condition and that she is just using it as a way to get to Ruby... or that she has just convinced herself that she is ill.

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Fans will remember that Jean was originally diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2019.

She went on the fight the cancer and was given the all clear last year.

However, she then found another lump and went back to the doctors to get it checked out in January this year.

But when the doctor revealed she would need a biopsy, Jean couldn't face going through with it and made a run from the appointment.

Jean thinks her cancer may be back in EastEnders

Jean went to the doctors with a suspected lump earlier this year, but never got the results (Picture: BBC)

Having never actually got any results from the doctors, could Jean just believe her cancer has returned, or is she lying?

Or perhaps Jean has secretly been given results that we don't know about? Only time will tell!

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