EastEnders fans praise bombshell Hunter Owen siege storyline

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Fans said Friday's shock episode deserved to win an award

EastEnders fans have flocked to Twitter to heap praise on the bombshell gun siege storyline.

Friday's episode ended with Hunter Owen dead after he took hostages in the Queen Vic, while Ben Mitchell was left fighting for his life in Callum Highway's arms.

Hunter tried to shoot pregnant Louise, but was only apparently stopped when police shot him.

After watching the tense episode, one soap fan wrote on Twitter: "Wow, I didn't want that episode to end! @bbceastenders. Just blew every soap out the water! The actors, directors, writers and the crew. Well done!!"

A second shared, "If that episode doesn't win some kind of award, I'm rioting."

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Another praised Tamsin Outhwaite's acting in the episode, which saw her trying to reason with her on-screen son.

Hands down, @mouthwaite is a world-class actress. A huge credit to this week's episodes and all the fantastic storylines she has been a part of. #EastEnders 👏👏 pic.twitter.com/0EXUs8Q4Hy

— EastEnders Hub (@EastEndersHubUK) September 6, 2019


— Calli Kitson (@callikitson) September 6, 2019

If that episode doesn’t win some form of award I’m rioting #Eastenders

— Emma (@EmmaLou93x) September 6, 2019

#EastEnders I haven’t breathed in for the last 30 mins!!! Brilliant!!

— Gemma Whitwell (@GemmaWhitwell) September 6, 2019

However, other fans were left questioning why Hunter didn't try and kill Jack Branning and get his revenge.

Another commented, "As brilliant as #EastEnders was this week, Hunter had Jack exactly where he wanted him but we still didn’t get any dialogue between THEM or exact revenge by shooting or at least taking him hostage. Wasn’t that the whole point of Hunters return? @bbceastenders."

While a second shared, "So Hunter wanted to shoot Jack but ended up shooting two other people instead. Make it make sense. #EastEnders."

So Hunter went through all that and didn't even shoot Jack. #EastEnders

— Joshua Teya (@JoshuaTeya) September 6, 2019

#eastenders people are on about what a great episode last night was, but i just do not understand how hunters whole aim was to kill jack then he just seemed to forget about jack and wanted to shoot everyone except for jack. EE writers suck

— Berni W (@Charisma0392) September 7, 2019