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EastEnders fans left 'in tears' after last night's SHOCK TWIST

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EastEnders was awash with drama last night, but one scene in particular left fans upset...

Last night's EastEnders saw Whitney Dean and Callum Highway's wedding end in heartbreak when the reality of what happened between Callum and Ben caused Whitney to flee the ceremony.

But while 'Ballum' fans across the nation rejoiced as Whitney emotionally urged her fiancé to accept who he really is, emotions were still running high as viewers praised the scenes between Shona McGarty and Tony Clay.

Despite Bianca trying to talk Whitney out of marrying Callum now that she knew he was gay, she was determined to go ahead with the marriage and walked down the aisle to Callum without Bianca to give her away.

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But once the pair started saying their vows it dawned on Whitney that she would always be Callum's cover for who he really is and she fled the wedding and jumped into the waiting limo.

As the guests started to gossip about why the wedding had ended so abruptly, Callum eventually tracked his bride down at home and the pair shared a frank conversation about their relationship.

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As Callum begged Whitney to get married so they could grow old together, Whitney knew that he was making promises that he couldn't keep.

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Despite desperately wanting to marry Callum, she came to the heartbreaking understanding that because she loves him so much, she needed to let him go, leaving fans in tears...

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With their relationship over, Whitney urged Callum to embrace who he really is, before sobbing over the mess that her wedding day had turned in to.

But in the end, it wasn't Ben who Callum turned to in his moment of need, it was his brother, Stuart.

While Stuart and Callum might have had a tense relationship at the best of times, a broken Callum just wanted his big brother as his heart was breaking.

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With the wedding cancelled, will Ben and Callum find a way to be together? (Picture: BBC)

With the wedding now off, will Callum find the confidence to be who he really is?

And does this pave the way for 'Ballum' fans across the country to get the happy ending for Ben and Callum that they have been waiting for?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.