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EastEnders fans predict KIDNAP storyline after this shocking twist last night

(Image credit: BBC)

Is Ollie Carter in danger?

EastEnders fans are convinced that little Ollie Carter is about to be kidnapped by newcomer Frankie Lewis after last night's episode.

After getting a job at the Albert, Frankie has been getting closer to Tina as they worked together.

Frankie EastEnders

Frankie and Tina have become friends while working at the Albert together (Picture: BBC)

The pair didn't get off to the best starts after Tina wanted to give the job at the bar to Mick.

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Since then, Frankie has more than proved herself and the pair have bonded while looking through the pictures on Frankie's camera.

Tina quizzed Frankie about the photos of a young boy on her camera, who she admitted was her brother who died 10 years ago when he was just five years old.

Ollie Carter EastEnders

Tina introduces Frankie to Ollie last night (Picture: BBC)

After a heart-to-heart about Frankie's past, Tina invited her for a drink after work with the rest of the Carter clan.

Meeting the family 

However, the drink date got off to an odd start when Frankie seemed thrown when she was introduced to Mick, Linda and their son, Ollie.

Frankie took a shine to little Ollie, and the pair seemed to get on well.

Frankie EastEnders

Frankie took a shine to Ollie (Picture: BBC)

She even told Ollie that he looked like her little brother as Mick and Linda looked on, surprised that Ollie was so comfortable with the stranger.

But it was only later when the Carters were playing football in the Square that things turned sinister.

Snap happy 

Frankie could be seen taking pictures of Mick, Tina and Ollie as they kicked the ball around, and fans are convinced this spells trouble.

Ollie Carter EastEnders

Fans are concerned for Ollie after Frankie was seen secretly taking photos of him (Picture: BBC)

Viewers took to social media to share their worry that Frankie might kidnap Ollie...

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So is Ollie in danger?

Or could keen photographer Frankie just be taking pictures of the family to pass on to them?

Frankie EastEnders

Why does Frankie have such an interest in the Carters? (Picture: BBC)

One thing is for sure, Frankie definitely has an invested interest in the Carter family... but why?

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