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EastEnders fans predict a SICKENING twist is heading for THIS Walford family after last night

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Last night's EastEnders saw Gray Atkins make a shocking revelation, but fans are convinced that the twists in this storyline are far from over...

EastEnders fans were left shocked last night when Gray Atkins revealed the dark family secret that his dad used to be violent towards him and his mum... but fans aren't convinced that he is telling the whole truth.

After his failed attempts at opening up to his councillor in the past, Gray and his wife Chantelle invited the therapist to come to their house, hoping that being in his own home would make Gray feel more at ease.

Gray Atkins opens up about his past in EastEnders

Gray Atkins opened up about his past, but was he telling the truth? (Picture: BBC)

And their plan seemed to work when Gray started talking about his troubled childhood, finally opening up about his abusive dad and how he treated him badly when he was a child.

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Gray also admitted that his mum always blamed herself for his dad's behaviour, even after he left when Gray was a child, and that has always made him want to be a better man than his dad was.

As the councillor managed to get Gray to talk about his mum, who he revealed died before he had the chance to show her that he was nothing like his dad, Chantelle seemed to be drawn in by what her husband was saying.

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As he confessed to taking his anger out on Chantelle, Gray was clearly finding the therapy tough, leaving Chantelle to abruptly put an end to the session as things got emotional.

But while Chantelle might have been taken in by Gray's tears, EastEnders fans definitely thought something sinister was going on and took to social media to share that they think Gray is lying about his past...

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So was it was all an act and Gray's emotional moment were just crocodile tears?

If he is lying, then his plan worked a treat, because by the end of the episode, Chantelle was asking Gray if he would like to renew their wedding vows, having been so drawn in by the morning's events.

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Has Chantelle just landed herself in more danger than she can possibly imagine?

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