EastEnders fans rejoice at Sam's touching homage to LEGENDARY character

EastEnders Sam Mitchell talks to Phil Mitchell
EastEnders watchers loved Sam Mitchell's heart-warming homage to a legendary character. (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders viewers were overjoyed during last night’s episode (Monday, May 9) after Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) set her sights on buying and renaming Ruby’s nightclub as a touching tribute to an iconic character.

Last night’s EastEnders saw Sam spot sinister business rival Jonah eyeing up Ruby’s nightclub after it was put up for sale.

Later on, Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) was fuming when Sam joined her to visit Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) in prison and it wasn’t long before Sam revealed her ulterior motive as to why she really came along.

“Ruby’s selling the club,” she said.

“So?” Phil questioned.

“So? I think we should buy it,” Sam suggested.

Kat was less than happy to hear of Sam’s business idea, telling her that they were already too busy with all of the other businesses and it would be too much hassle.

Kat Slater and Sam Mitchell visiting Phil Mitchell in prison

Kat was not convinced by Sam's business idea. (Image credit: BBC)

“What hassle? I can run it. Not like I’ve never done it before, is it?” Sam replied.

“Suppose not,” Phil said, clearly coming round to the idea.

“What is this? Dragons’ Den? I guarantee she will bankrupt it within a month,” Kat retorted.

“Fine, go on, take her advice. Let Jonah and his goons muscle in,” Sam said.

Phil was bewildered by her remark, asking what he had to do with it, which was when Sam finally revealed that Jonah was planning on buying the club. 

Keen to go against Jonah, Phil was starting to be convinced by his sister’s business proposition.

Phil encouraged Sam to 'keep talking' much to the dismay of Kat, and Sam was soon working her magic on Phil in getting him to agree with her.

Phil Mitchell looks concerned as Sam Mitchell talks to him

Sam was keen to get her brother's approval. (Image credit: BBC)

After noticing that Phil was struggling in prison, she said: “You’ve lost your spark. That’s why you need to buy the club because it’ll give you something to focus on. Show this lot that you’re not just some old bloke. No. You’re Phil Mitchell, right? And you run Walford, and they’d better not try nothing.”

Phil was still hesitant as Sam continued with: “I’ve even thought of a name. It’s classy, but proper East End.”

She then made the legendary and much-loved name drop.


The homage to his beloved and iconic mother seemed enough to convince Phil and he finally gave his permission for Sam to buy the club.

Fans on social media were touched by the ‘sweet’ gesture and are now rooting for Sam to buy the club…

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EastEnders continues tonight at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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