EastEnders fans slam "disgusting" twist as 12-year-old Lily is revealed to be pregnant

EastEnders Lily Slater in the Queen Vic
(Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans have been sharing their shock and surprise at the New Year twist that revealed 12-year-old Lily Slater is pregnant! 

Viewers were horrified at last night's cliffhanger when baffled mum Stacey Slater discovered her pre-teen daughter was expecting a baby.

And they took to social media to share their feelings on what is bound to be a controversial storyline.

Stacey looks worried in the new year trailer

Stacey couldn't believe what the doctor told her  (Image credit: BBC)

The latest bombshell to hit the Slaters happened after their New Year's Eve party.

When Eve, Jean and then Lily all collapsed, the family were taken to hospital because paramedics thought there was a carbon monoxide leak at their house.

Stacey Slater bends over to kiss daughter Lily in a hospital bed

Stacey rushed to be with her daughter  (Image credit: BBC)

A frantic Stacey rushed to the hospital where a doctor told her he was worried about Lily's bad stomach aches.

He explained that they'd done an ultrasound to find out the cause of the pain, and had discovered that Lily was pregnant.

Stunned, Stacey stuttered Lily couldn't be pregnant because she is 12 years old.

But it seems it's true.

Stacey is stunned when the doctor tells her Lily is pregnant

The doctor told Stacey that her pre-teen daughter is pregnant (Image credit: BBC)

And the EastEnders fans were just as surprised as Stacey!

They shared their shock with one fan writing: "Lily's WHAT NOW?" and another adding: "I defo did not see that one coming".

And once they'd got over the surprise, the EastEnders viewers were quick to share their discomfort with the story.

One fan wrote: "I don't find the idea of telling a story where a 12 year old is pregnant daring, edgy or brave. I think it's totally disgusting."

Another said the story was "vile" because Lily is still a child, while another added that Lily being pregnant was "massive ick".

There are a lot of questions to answer when it comes to this story - including who is the dad of Lil's baby? Is the pregnancy the result of a tween romance, or is it more sinister and linked with grooming or abuse?

Some fans have even suggested we could see a return of Lily's own dad Ryan Malloy who was mentioned in passing a few weeks ago. 

We'll have to wait and see what happens next.

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