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EastEnders fans distracted after spotting something STRANGE about Ben last night

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Eagle-eyed fans spotting something odd about Ben Mitchell as he reconnected with his family in last night's EastEnders...

Not much gets past soap fans, and last night was no different when EastEnders viewers noticed that there were a few changes about Ben Mitchell.

Everyone knows that the role had been recast, with the character now being played by former Waterloo Road actor Max Bowden instead of Harry Reid. But it isn't just Ben's new face that people were commenting on.

Considering this is the sixth version of Phil Mitchell's son that we have seen on Albert Square, EastEnders fans are used to his ever-changing face and difference in height. But there were some more minor changes in Ben that fans weren't happy with.

EastEnders Ben Mitchell

EastEnders Ben Mitchell has a different look these days...

Not only did everyone struggle with the fact Ben wasn't wearing his trademark glasses, they also noticed that he also didn't have his hearing aid in.

Now the glasses we can forgive as Ben confessed to Jay last night that he has now got contact lenses, but fans were quick to point out that hearing was harder to fix than eyesight...

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Despite Ben's makeover, fans were thrilled to see him back in Albert Square, especially as he returned with Lola and their daughter, Lexi.

The pair arrived back at the end of Monday (1st April) night's episode, much to everyone's surprise... well, everyone apart from Kathy, who is the one that asked Ben to come home.

Last night's episode (Tuesday 2nd April) saw Ben and Lola reconnecting with their friends and family... but it soon became clear that the pair were hiding something.

EastEnders Ben Mitchell and Phil Mitchell

Ben quickly got back to business last night...

As the owner of the Arches, Ben was keen to meet Keanu and get involved in the business again. He even managed to surprise Phil by paying off one of his contacts demanding money... but what does Ben have up his sleeve?

At the end of the episode Lola quietly told Ben that she couldn't go through with their plan, but what secrets are they keeping? And what has really brought them back to Walford?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Picture credits: BBC / Jack Barnes