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EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell demands answers from Phil!

EastEnders Ben Mitchell and Phil Mitchell
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Phil is forced to make a confession to Ben, Stacey struggles when she takes the stand in Ruby's court case, and Linda has an idea about how to help Jean.

Phil is shocked by Ben’s appearance and suspicious about why he’s returned to the Square. He warily greets Ben, Lola and Lexi. When Jay and Billy turn up they’re surprised to see Ben, but even more shocked to find Lola and little Lexi. Ben realises there’s some tension between Phil and Kathy and when Phil arranges to meet Danny at the Arches with Keanu, Ben insists on tagging along. When Ben confronts Phil about what he’s been up to, Phil is forced to confess. As he tries to explain his reasons to Ben, Danny arrives. Is there going to be big trouble?

EastEnders Ruby Allen

Ruby takes the stand in the trial

Ruby takes the stand in court, struggling to keep it together as she relieves her ordeal. A defiant Ross watches Ruby being questioned but it’s clear that Matt is feeling badly shaken. Stacey is called up next and her nerves start to get the better of her, as she’s questioned by the defence.

After she’s dismissed she worries that she’s let Ruby down. Realising it’s more than just the pressure of being on the stand, Ruby gently questions her. Stacey admits that the whole situation has brought back painful memories for her about being raped by Archie, especially as she never got to face him.

EastEnders Linda Carter and Jean Slater

Linda and Jean look at cancer leaflets

Linda and Shirley do their best to support Jean, who is terrified of having chemotherapy. As a way to reassure Jean that being scared is okay, Linda gently teases Shirley about her fear of heights. The conversation gives Linda an unexpected idea on how they can face their fears. What is her suggestion?

Also, Honey and Billy have a meeting with a headmaster at a potential school for Will but Billy puts his foot in it!

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday at 7.30 pm

Rachel Lucas
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