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EastEnders fans terrified after THIS happened in last night’s ‘bone-chilling’ episode

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Last night's EastEnders saw Leo's vendetta against Whitney step up a gear... and it's left fans terrified.

EastEnders has been leaving fans on the edge of their seats as Leo King continues his creepy stalking of an unsuspecting Whitney Dean as he hides in Dot's loft.

But last night's EastEnders got fans seriously spooked when Leo tried to kill sleeping Whitney with a knife.

The sinister twist came as Whitney continues to struggle with the aftermath of her showdown with Leo last week.

Leo King hides in the attic in EastEnders

Leo has been spying on Whitney from the attic for days (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

Since he took her to his dad's grave before making her publicly apologise in front of the whole Vic for saying that Tony King abused her, Whitney has been lying low at home.

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But while she might feel safe being within her own four walls, thinking that Leo is long gone, little does Whitney know she is in more danger than ever with Leo just metres above her in Dot's loft, watching her every move through a hole in the ceiling.

Until now, Leo has stayed out of sight in the loft, but last night's episode hinted that he has been coming out of the loft while people are out because a bread knife was missing from the kitchen draw.

EastEnders Leo and Whitney BBC

Last night saw Leo escape the loft and creep up on a sleeping Whitney (Picture: BBC)

But while Whitney struggled to cut a loaf of bread, she had no idea that the reason she couldn't find a sharp knife was because it had been taken by Leo and that he was planning to use it to kill her.

After Sonia left the house for the day, Leo seized the moment and came down from the loft with the knife in his hand and crept into Whitney's room while she slept.

EastEnders Leo and Whitney BBC

Leo was intent on killing Whitney until Sonia came home unexpectedly (Picture: BBC)

But while he was clearly intending on killing Whitney, Leo was interrupted by Sonia who came home early... and he was forced to make a sharp exit back to the attic.

However, the scenes that saw Leo creeping around the house has left fans feeling terrified...

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But with Sonia and Whitney now planning a few days away in Bristol, does this mean Leo will be left hiding in the loft until they come back?

Or will something stop Whitney from going... meaning she will be left alone and vulnerable in the house with Leo?

With this story set to come to a head on Friday when Whitney and Leo finally come face-to-face, who will be the one left with blood on their hands?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.