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EastEnders fans THRILLED as soap hints at REUNION for THIS legendary couple

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There was romance in the air between Martin and Sonia Fowler in last night's EastEnders...

It has been hinted that there could be a reunion between EastEnders former couple Martin and Sonia Fowler after last night's trip to Walford, and fans are loving it!

The episode saw Sonia standing up for Martin after he had a run in with best friend Kush over little Arthur.

Martin and Sonia kiss EastEnders

Martin and Sonia reminisced about old times last night (Picture: BBC)

After Martin lashed out at Kush in front of Arthur, Kat and Jean recently, Kush was understandably wary of letting Martin spend time alone with his son.

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But when Sonia begged Kush to have a heart and promised to keep an eye on Martin the whole time, Kush finally agreed for the pair to take little Arthur to Walford Wonderland.

Martin and Sonia kiss EastEnders

Sonia told Martin he should come home for Christmas (Picture: BBC)

The trip went well and Arthur had a great time, and even the moment Martin made a scene winning a giant reindeer for his step son wasn't enough to put a dampener on the outing.

However, the whole thing took a seriously awkward turn when Martin and Sonia started reminiscing about old times and the pair almost shared a sneaky kiss.

Martin and Sonia kiss EastEnders

Martin trend to kiss Sonia... leaving her stunned (Picture: BBC)

But while Sonia was left shocked as Martin made a move on her, fans were loving the romance and took to social media to share how much they'd love the former Mr and Mrs Fowler to get back together after all these years...

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But while Sonia might have pulled away from Martin's kiss, leaving him feeling awkward, it turns out that she is struggling to resit this new dark and brooding side to Martin that we have seen recently.

After her day at Walford Wonderland, Sonia met in the cafe with Tina to vent about what happened between her and Martin... leaving Tina shocked when she confessed that she actually wanted Martin to kiss her.

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So could this be a new romance for the pair? With Stacey seemingly moving on with a new man, maybe it is time for Martin to look to the future.

Could Sonia be the one to tame Martin's new bad-boy ways?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.