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EastEnders fans MORTIFIED as Ian Beale leaves Denny 'to die' in shock boat party twist

EastEnders Denny and Ian
(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Matt Burlem/)

Will Ian REALLY go through with this? Does Denny actually drown? Is this a red herring? So many questions!

EastEnders viewers were left mortified by last night's shock ending.

As part of the BBC1 soap's 35th anniversary, this week's instalments follow Walford residents on the night of a tragic boat accident, that will see one character killed off.

In yesterday's episode, Ian Beale was seen clashing with Sharon Mitchell's son, Denny, below deck as the rest of Walford enjoyed a boat party on the Thames. Ian was enraged after discovering that Denny had been behind a campaign of abuse against Bobby, which had resulted in his son being beaten up by racist thugs.

In the midst of their altercation, Ian slung Denny into a secluded locker room, before locking the door and storming off.

Later in the episode, everyone was forced to exit the boat after water started gushing in.

EastEnders 35th anniversary logo

EastEnders has taken a dark turn this week.

After being told that the lower levels of the boat had flooded, Ian rushed down stairs in order to free a trapped Denny from the rising waters.

However, fans were left in shock by his next move.

After dropping the keys to the locked door in the water, Ian turned away and began to leave Denny seemingly for dead.

Over on social media, viewers were sharing their reactions to Ian's savage decision.

'HOLY Y S**T! Ian leaves Denny to die,' one wrote. Another pointed out that Denny's pregnant mother Sharon would be furious at Ian, 'Sharon will never forgive Ian if Denny dies #EastEnders.'

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'Denny is brown bread. He left that voicemail about Ian locking him in the room. When sharon hears the voicemail...,' another speculative Tweet read. 

Some of the audience seemed to think that naughty teenager Denny deserves what could come to him.

'I have absolutely no problem with Denny drowning on that boat. He’s evil #Eastenders,' one announced. 

'I mean if Denny was to die on #EastEnders would that be such a big loss???,' questioned another. 

So, does Denny die? Or is it a giant red herring?

EastEnders continues on Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.