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EastEnders star June Brown: 'A robot could kill me!'

June Brown in Hard to Please OAPs

EastEnders legend June Brown on why testing gadgets didn't calm her fears about modern technology in Hard to Please OAPs

June Brown is not a fan of modern technology! ITV’s fun six-part series Hard to Please OAPs sees June, AKA EastEnders Dot Branning, join seven other tough-talking celebrity pensioners - fellow actresses Amanda Barrie and Ruth Madoc, singer Sheila Ferguson, former political reporter John Sergeant, King of the Jungle Harry Redknapp, Jack Whitehall’s dad Michael and entertainer Lionel Blair - to test state-of-the-art gadgets. But the time-saving gizmos don’t win over the uncompromising veteran stars...

Here, EastEnders legend June tells TV Times about Hard to Please OAPs…

TV Times: What do you make of modern technology?

June Brown: “I’m technology illiterate; I’m useless at it. I don't bother with computers. I can use an ordinary mobile. But with mobiles now, all these funny things come up when I just want to make calls. Then there’s text speak like, ‘C U 2moro’. It’s like hieroglyphics.”

John Sergeant, Sheila Ferguson, Harry Redknapp, June Brown, Michael Whitehall, Ruth Madoc and Amanda Barrie in Hard to Please OAPs

John Sergeant, Sheila Ferguson, Harry Redknapp, June Brown, Michael Whitehall, Ruth Madoc and Amanda Barrie in Hard to Please OAPs

TVT: Are you concerned what the future might bring in terms of technology?

JB: “It’s horrible. Imagine having a robot in your sitting room. I don't suppose it could develop a brain, but it might decide to put a knife in you! I wouldn’t trust it. I don't know what’ll happen - maybe the end of the world.”

TVT: You're 92 now, how do you stay feeling young?

JB: “I’m thankful my brain still works but I just don’t consider myself old. If you think you’re old, you will be old. Everybody thinks about age now though and how 90-year-old or 72-year-old so-and-so looks marvellous for their age in bathing costumes. But they’ve probably had a lot done!”

TVT: You’re on a break from EastEnders at the moment but do you still love playing Dot?

JB: “Yes, as long as her words fit her and the character doesn’t suddenly change – maybe I am hard to please! They are very good to me there though. And I still like the fact that as soon as you act, you come alive.”

Hard to Please OAPs airs on Tuesday 9 April at 8.30pm

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