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EastEnders favourite Lacey Turner has announced that she is expecting her first child

7 Things you didn’t know about Lacey Turner - AKA EastEnders legendary Stacey Slater
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Lacey says that she can't wait to become a mum

EastEnders favourite Lacey Turner has announced that she is expecting her first child with husband Matt Kay.

The couple revealed in OK! Magazine that they can't wait to become parents, and that their new arrival is due in mid-July.

Lacey, who plays popular EastEnders character, Stacey Slater, in the BBC1 soap, has told the magazine that their journey to becoming parents hasn't been an easy one...

The actress has opened up about suffering two miscarriages before this pregnancy, leaving her whole world shattered each time it happened...

"I blamed myself, thinking that I'd done something wrong. I'd think, 'Why me? What did I do?' But, of course, I hadn't done anything wrong - it is all down to chromosomes and luck, really."

When it comes to being a mum, Lacey has revealed that she couldn't be more ready...

EastEnders - Stacey Martin

Lacey's on-screen alter ego Stacey Slater is a mum of three

"I can't wait to nurture our baby - we've dreamed of having a family for so long. When you've lost babies all you care about is the heartbeat. We've had about 12 scans."

But when it came to telling her co-stars at EastEnders, Lacey admitted that some had already guessed her news!

According to the actress, Natalie Cassidy, who plays Albert Square's Sonia Fowler, knew exactly what she was going to tell her... "I said I had something to tell her and she said: 'Don't bother, I already know. I can tell by your face!' To be fair, my face was grey!"

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With the news that Lacey is having a baby, it is inevitable that she will be taking a break from EastEnders as she welcomes her new addition to the family.

But how will Stacey Slater make her departure from the show, albeit a temporary one?

With her mum, Jean, facing the battle of a lifetime as she's diagnosed with cancer, it is going to take something pretty huge to drag Stacey away from her mum's side?

Stacey's brother Sean Slater is also making a comeback to Walford in the not too distant future, could his return have something to do with Stacey's departure?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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