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EastEnders fans FUMING with THIS character as new love triangle forms

(Image credit: BBC)

Lola Pearce is in the bad books...

EastEnders fans took to social media last night after a shocking twist in a storyline has left them fuming at Lola Pearce after she snogged Peter Beale after shutting down boyfriend Jay Brown's marriage proposal.

Viewers watched in pity as Jay Brown prepared a romantic proposal for Lola along with the help of her daughter, Lexi.

Jay, Lola and Peter in EastEnders BBC

Jay didn't get the response he was hoping for after proposing to Lola (Picture: BBC)

After decking out the house with flowers, Jay got down on one knee and popped the big question... but Lola's reaction was far from what he had expected.

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"This is me saying I want to spend the rest of my life with you," Jay reasoned after Lola said no to his proposal.

"I know what you want this baby, but I'm sorry Jay. There isn't going to be one," Lola responded, shutting down Jay's hopes of having the baby she discovered she was expecting last week.

"You said you could see us having kids one day," a confused Jay hit back.

Jay, Lola and Peter in EastEnders BBC

Lola was upset after Jay reacted badly to her rejection (Picture: BBC)

"I can, when we're properly committed not when we're backed into a corner like this," Lola explained.

Jay then responded, "What is this? A proposal, a ring, I can't be more committed. But if you don't want to marry me and you don't want kids then what's left?"

Storming out after the argument, Lola went to confide in hunky Peter Beale as she downed vodka at the Prince Albert.

Jay, Lola and Peter in EastEnders BBC

Lola drowned her sorrows with Peter (Picture: BBC)

After a few drinks together, it wasn't long before their pair were kissing.


As history repeated itself for Peter and Lola, over on social media fans were shocked by Lola's treatment of her partner...

'Jay deserves better. Lola can go do one. I always thought if Jay's not with Abi (since she's dead) the next best person for him was Lola. How wrong was I?' one fan wrote.

Jay, Lola and Peter in EastEnders BBC

Fans are fuming that Lola kissed Peter just hours after rejecting Jay's proposal (Picture: BBC)

'Jay's far too good for Lola!' added another, while a third agreed, 'Please let there be a good woman for Jay. I thought that was Lola but clearly not.'

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.