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EastEnders SHOCK ARREST as THIS unexpected character breaks the law

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There's drama in EastEnders when Linda Carter finds herself on the wrong side of the law next week...

EastEnders fans have seen Linda Carter's drinking spiral out of control over the last few weeks... and things are only set to get worse for the stressed-out mum when she is arrested for drink driving.

With the pressures of family life starting to take their toll, Linda has turned to alcohol to blot things out. But she isn't the only one struggling... husband Mick Carter has also been struggling with anxiety issues, which he is working on getting under control.

The worried parents have been through the mill recently, with their son Ollie being diagnosed with autism last week. But Linda is about to add to her problems when she is arrested and keeps it a secret from Mick.

Mick Carter has questions for the doctor about son Ollie Carter in EastEnders

Mick and Linda have been through a lot since Ollie was diagnosed with autism (Picture: BBC)

The trouble starts when she takes Ollie to school, despite still being hung over from her drinking session the previous night.

With Mick attending a doctors appointment, she can't ask him to do the school run, so she paints on a smile and heads out the door.

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However, once there she backs into another car by the school gates. Thinking that no one has seen, Linda panics and drives away... but little does she know, someone has been watching her every move.

EastEnders Linda Carter defends herself against the police

Linda is mortified when she is arrested in front of the other school mums for drink driving (Picture: BBC)

When she emerges from the school, Linda is stunned to find a police officer waiting with some of the other mums, and she is left mortified when she is breathalysed in front of everyone.

To Linda's shame she is soon arrested for drink driving, but while she is taken by the police, Mick is back at home oblivious to the drama that is unfolding with his wife.

Desperate to hide her drinking issues, Linda continues to cover everything up... but eventually it is the Walford wife swap that is being run by The Vic that is her undoing.

Mick Carter comperes the wife swap compitition

The Vic wife swap is underway, and soon Linda's drinking is uncovered (Picture: BBC)

With Max and Ruby wife swapping with Mick and Linda, Max soon spends some time with Londa and realises her love of wine goes a bit further than enjoying a good pinot and speaks to Mick about his wife's problem.

Max's words strike a chord with Mick and he realises Linda's drinking is getting out of control. But what can he do to help her?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.